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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for April 27, 2017.

Posted: 27 Apr 2017 15:47:36
CARB Newsclips for April 27, 2017. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Staff from the California Department of Transportation, the
California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission,
and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
invite you to participate in workshops to discuss implementation
of the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan (Action Plan).

The workshops will be held at the locations and on the dates
noted below.  The agencies will follow the same format and show
the same presentation at each of the workshop locations.    

OAKLAND:          May 9, 2017 

LOS ANGELES:  May 30, 2017

SAN DIEGO:        May 31, 2017 

For more information on the California Sustainable Freight Action
Plan including upcoming workshops, please visit the webpage at

David Cocker, PhD
University of California, Riverside. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., PDT (WEBCAST) Sierra Hearing
Room, 2nd Floor, CalEPA Building
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California

Low vapor pressure-volatile organic compounds (LVP-VOCs) are a
set of VOCs currently exempted for VOC content based on a
combination of boiling point, vapor pressure, and/or elution time
from a GC-column. This work explores evaporation rates and
secondary pollutant formation from a series of individual
LVP-VOCs associated with consumer products, select generic
consumer products that include these LVP-VOCs, and several
hydrocarbon solvents. For more go to the announcement at:

May 8, 2017: Public Workshop to discuss ARB's Carbon Capture and
Sequestration (CCS) Program.

At this workshop, ARB staff will present an overview of
activities taken by the CCS program in 2016, and an initial
concept of a Quantification Methodology (QM) and Permanence
Protocol for CCS.

Air Resources Board staff have posted a white paper on the health
benefits of physical activity and air pollution exposure while
walking and bicycling for transportation.  
Download the White Paper:

For more information, including the White Paper and other
resources, visit our Built Environment webpage:

A fact sheet summarizing this document can be found here:


Appeals court grants Trump request to delay mercury air pollution
case. A U.S. appeals court on Thursday granted a request from the
Trump administration to put litigation on hold in which states
and industry groups are challenging an Obama administration
pollution control rule for mercury and other toxic emissions from
power plants.

Britain loses case to delay submission of air pollution plan. The
British government has failed in a legal bid to delay the
publication of its plan to tackle air pollution until after the
general election on June 8. The government had gone to the High
Court to extend an April 24 deadline to submit its plan to
improve air quality and comply with nitrogen dioxide limits set
by the European Union (EU).


Air pollution in subways is worse than you think. Looks like
there’s more unfortunate subway news approaching the platform. A
new study revealed that the Toronto Transit Commission has air
pollution levels 10 times greater than the levels above ground.
And that’s just in Canada. “We don’t really know the health risks
of riding subways,” Greg Evans, lead author of the study, told
Gizmodo. “It’s an understudied area.”

Los Angeles County gets a 'C' on UCLA's latest environmental
report card. Anew UCLA environmental report card gives Los
Angeles County a “C” in energy use and persistent air pollution,
while rating parts of the region slightly higher for addressing
other challenges. The 2017 Sustainable LA Environmental Report
Card for Energy and Air Quality handed the region…

Air pollution plan cannot be delayed, high court tells
government. Court rules that immediate publication is essential
and rejects Defra’s plea to delay until after the general
election. The government has been ordered to publish tough new
plans to tackle air pollution after the high court rejected
attempts by ministers to keep the policy under wraps until after
the general election.


Republicans are rethinking their disdain for the Paris accord –
creating a political headache for Trump. Supporters of Donald
Trump worried he has lost his appetite for poking the
establishment would probably be reassured if he were to make good
on his promise to swiftly kick to the curb the Paris agreement on
climate change. But the promise to snub Paris is fast becoming a
political albatross for the president.

The fight against climate change in California gains an unlikely
ally: Republicans. Stepping further into its role as the nation’s
pioneer on climate issues, California might soon clear a hurdle
that has long frustrated environmental advocates: Republicans say
they’re joining the fight against global warming. Assembly
Republican Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) and some of his
colleagues are taking…


Despite drought’s end, conservation rules were still in place in
California – until now. First the drought ended. Now the last
vestiges of mandatory conservation rules are over, too.
California’s main water regulatory agency ended mandatory
conservation regulations for urban residents Wednesday, following
Gov. Jerry Brown’s official declaration that the drought ended
April 7.

Drought Watch: ‘Far from Over’ City, County Water Agencies Spar
Over Cachuma Contract. Members of the Santa Barbara City Council
were notified in no uncertain terms by assistant water director
Kelley Dyer that the recent drought is “much improved, but far
from over.” Thanks to this year’s Presidents’ Day weekend rain…


Icahn's oil refiner reports plunge in biofuels bill in 1st qtr.
Biofuels compliance expenses for CVR Energy's refining unit fell
to the lowest level in almost five years during the first
quarter, the company said on Thursday, as the U.S. government
weighs an overhaul of its renewable fuels policy. The cost of
compliance credits required by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
have fallen sharply in recent months…


Can California hit 1.5M zero-emission vehicles by 2025? The state
is lagging on Gov. Brown's ambitious ZEV goal, but investment in
chargers and customer education could build more market momentum.
California officials are quick to praise efforts to electrify the
transportation sector, but no one is sure the state can meet its
goal of having 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the
road by 2025.


The Cheap Energy Revolution Is Here, and Coal Won’t Cut It.
Fifteen charts about how Trump is building a dangerous “age of
plenty on steroids.” Wind and solar are about to become
unstoppable, natural gas and oil production are approaching their
peak, and electric cars and batteries for the grid are waiting to
take over. This is the world Donald Trump inherited as U.S.

100 percent clean energy bill introduced outside capitol. A small
group of environmentalists rallied outside of the Capitol
building on Thursday as Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, Jeff
Merkley, D-Oregon, and Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, introduced a
bill designed to combat climate change. The bill, as described by
the event's Facebook page, is "the most ambitious piece of
climate legislation…


Sowing Climate Doubt Among Schoolteachers. The Heartland
Institute, a conservative think tank known for attacking climate
science, has been mailing a slim, glossy book to public school
teachers throughout the United States. The institute says it
plans to send out as many as 200,000 copies, until virtually
every science educator in America has one. 

Remember, the drought could come back next year. When it comes to
emergencies and disasters, people tend to have short memories.
Much of this is human nature. When something bad happens and
we’re in the thick of it we generally do whatever’s necessary to
deal with the situation. But once the crisis has past we want to
move on with our lives.

Why the U.S. Should Remain in the Paris Climate Agreement. Ban
Ki-moon and Robert N. Stavins. In the five decades since the
first Earth Day1 was celebrated in 1970, remarkable economic
growth around the world has inevitably been accompanied by
significant environmental challenges. While tremendous progress
has been made to address concerns about air and water quality,
hazardous waste, species extinction…

U.S.-China Climate Relations: Beyond Trump. The days of
cooperative climate change action in Washington and Beijing were
short-lived. After decades of friction in the climate arena, the
United States and China spent the last three years of former U.S.
President Barack Obama’s second term in office building a
partnership that caught even close observers by surprise.

Exxon Ordered To Pay $20 Million For Air Pollution Violations At
Baytown Complex. A federal judge has fined that ExxonMobil nearly
$20 million for releasing 10 million pounds of pollutants into
the air from its Baytown refinery and chemical complex over the
past eight years. That's right, an oil company, one of the
largest in the world, has actually been held accountable for
polluting in Texas of all places…


Youth Suing Trump Bring Climate Fight To Washington. “We are
suing because none of us and none of you have time to wait,”
plaintiff Kelsey Juliana said. Back home in Hawaii, Journey
Zephier is a vocal opponent of the genetically modified crop
industry and its extensive use of toxic pesticides. But today,
the 17-year-old activist finds himself at the center of a much
larger fight: climate change.

Trump made a lot of dumb promises, but he’s following through on
destroying the globe. The one area where the Trump administration
has actually made considerable progress is rolling back
environmental protections. On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump
stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and was sworn in as the
45th president of the United States.

Lawsuit Over Diesel Pollution Challenges California's Future
Clean Air Authority. If you've ever been stuck behind a big truck
on a single-lane highway, you know that conventional diesel
engines stink. But that exhaust is also health hazard. That's why
California has strict rules on diesel engines. But a group of
truckers and construction companies wants to loosen the rules.

This one's got legs: the Ontario Climate Change Solutions
Deployment Corporation. On February 17, 2017, the Ontario
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) took
another step toward implementing the goals in the Ontario Climate
Change Action Plan (“CCAP”). By filing the Ontario Climate Change
Solutions Deployment Corporation regulation (the “regulation”),
the MOECC created a new non-share capital corporation…

Smithsonian Scientists Examine Impact of High-Severity Fires on
Conifer Forests. Study Finds that Wildfire in a Warming Climate
Could Transform Portions of Forested Landscapes into Shrubland.
The ability of some conifer forests to recover after severe fire
may become increasingly limited as the climate continues to warm…

Scott Pruitt’s Lack of Action on Climate Change Puts Fishermen in
Hot Water. President Donald Trump and U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt have repeatedly
promised to save American coal miners’ jobs as a fundamental part
of his agenda. Yet even as Trump and Pruitt seek to let polluters
in the coal, oil, and gas industries…

Our Editors Produced 32,508 Pounds of Carbon Emissions While
Skiing This Winter. We added up the miles we drove and flew to
ski this year—and discovered just how terrible our obsession is
for the planet. ere at Outside, we love to ski. In terms of
favorite pastimes, only running and competitive margarita making
come close. Yet we’re acutely aware of how harmful the sport is
to the environment: the water used to make snow…

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