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harp -- HARP Emission Inventory Module V2.0.9 is available

Posted: 02 May 2017 11:16:23
California Air Resources Board has released updated software to
the Hot Spots Analysis and Reporting Program (HARP) software

HARP Emission Inventory Module V2.0.9 is now available for
download at: http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/harp/eim.htm.

Changes made in this version include:
1.	Added the feature to allow exporting facilities modified after
a specified date (and time). 
2.	Updated the health table in the user-defined database template
(UDDATABASE.MDB) to combine the reproductive and development
target organs.  
3.	Made the zone a required field in Facility, Receptor, and
Release Data Entry windows for populating other coordinates with
different coordinate systems. 
4.	The installation package is packed with the latest health
database as of Feb, 2017.
5.	Various text fixes.

Note: Please uninstall the older version software before
installing the above software.  Although uninstalling HARP
software would only remove HARP program files, we recommend
backing up your data before uninstalling the software to prevent
accidental data loss.

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