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fuels -- Third Draft of the Predictive Model Release

Posted: 26 Mar 2007 14:31:37
Our Reformulated Gasoline web page has recently been updated with
the third draft of the CaRFG3 Predictive Model.   The new draft
includes the following refinements:

1. Moving the baseline emissions inventory from 2010 to 2015;
2. Maintaining hierarchical structure for all exhaust models:
NOx, THC and CO;
3. Flat spotting NOx and THC models corresponding to their
minimal responses to T50 and T90;
4. Revising Tech 5 standardized mean and standard deviation
values; and
5. Using disaggregate subarea CA-8 hour ozone temperature data
in estimating evaporative emissions;

The new model can be downloaded from the following link:

Please send any questions or comments to Steve Brisby, Manager,
at 916-322-6019 or sbrisby@arb.ca; or to Win Setiawan, Staff Air
Pollution Specialist, at 916-327-1515 or wsetiawa@arb.ca.gov

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