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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for July 10, 2017.

Posted: 11 Jul 2017 09:05:41
CARB Newsclips for July 10, 2017. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) is pleased to announce
that the Dairy and Livestock Working Group Subgroup #1 (Fostering
Markets for Non-Digester Projects) will hold its kickoff meeting
on July 17, 2017.
Date: July 17, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Location:  CA Department of Food and Agriculture Building, Main
1220 N Street, Sacramento
More information on Subgroup #1 can be found at:


Do you own or operate forklifts, sweeps/scrubbers, industrial tow
tractors, or airport ground support equipment? If so, this
regulation may apply to your business.
For more information please go to the ARB Rulemaking webpage:


The Air Resources Board (ARB) announces the launch of its new
California Dairy and Livestock GHG Reduction Working Group (Dairy
Working Group) and Subgroup list serves that will provide
interested stakeholders with up-to-date information about current
activities and processes.  Sign-up for the main Dairy Working
Group process List Serve:


Jerry Brown, a global climate leader, fights to reach deal at
home. As Gov. Jerry Brown pushes an international climate-change
agenda, he faces a crucial test at home: ensuring that
California’s signature program to tackle global warming survives
into the next decade. Brown is fighting for a deal this month to
extend the state’s cap-and trade program, which forces power


Cap and trade is alive, and it might grow under Trump. The
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative once labored in the shadows of
President Obama's Clean Power Plan. No longer. President Trump's
dismantling of climate initiatives has pushed America's only
multistate cap-and-trade program to the fore of U.S.
carbon-cutting efforts. RGGI, as the compact of nine Northeastern
states is known, can already claim several impressive


L.A. requires air filters to protect residents near freeways. Are
they doing the job? Despite growing warnings about the health
problems tied to traffic pollution, Los Angeles officials
continue to approve a surge in residential development along
freeways. And the crux of their effort to protect people’s lungs
is a requirement that developers install air filters.

EPA asks court to let it delay Obama air pollution rule. The
Trump administration asked a federal appeals court Friday to
allow it to delay enforcement of an Obama administration rule to
limit methane pollution from oil and natural gas drilling.
Justice Department lawyers representing the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) objected to the Monday ruling from the
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that…


World Leaders Move Forward on Climate Change, Without U.S. World
leaders struck a compromise on Saturday to move forward
collectively on climate change without the United States,
declaring the Paris accord “irreversible” while acknowledging
President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. In a
final communiqué at the conclusion of the Group of 20 summit
meeting in Hamburg, Germany…


Jerry Brown Announces a Climate Summit Meeting in California.
Gov. Jerry Brown of California on Thursday reinforced his
reputation as America’s de facto leader on climate change,
announcing to cheering crowds in Hamburg, Germany that his state
would gather leaders from around the world for a global warming
summit next year.






Trump administration may let California keep emissions standards.
The Trump administration may be quietly conceding defeat to
California on car tailpipe emissions, the biggest battleground in
the state’s showdown with President Trump over climate change.
Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt backed away
last month from his threats to challenge California’s unique
legal authority…

Climate change could make California wetter, study finds.
California could get wetter — not drier — in coming decades,
according to a UC Riverside study that upends some conventions
about climate change. The study, by climatology professor Robert
Allen and graduate student Rainer Luptowitz, was published
Thursday in the scientific journal Nature Communications. It ran
climate forecasts through.

Al Franken and David Letterman take on climate change in new
series of shorts. David Letterman and Sen. Al Franken were both
feeling frustrated about pessimism around the topic of climate
change — so they got together to talk about it. Thankfully they
invited some cameras along, too, with the help of Funny or Die
and the Primetime Emmy Award-winning "Years of Living

25 Fossil Fuel Producers Responsible for Half Global Emissions in
Past 3 Decades. CDP traced the greenhouse gas emissions of 100
oil, coal and gas companies, together linked to 71% of emissions
since 1988. A handful of big fossil fuel producers have been
responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions
in the years since climate change seized the world's attention as
a looming crisis…

An increase in carbon-intensive fuels like tar sands oil has
accelerated greenhouse gas emissions. A handful of big fossil
fuel producers have been responsible for the majority of global
greenhouse gas emissions in the years since climate change seized
the world's attention as a looming crisis, according to a new
report issued today. When emissions from agriculture and land-use
changes are taken out of the equation…


Trump moves to open more public land to drilling in California.
The Trump administration forged ahead with its commitment to
boosting domestic fossil fuel production Thursday, directing more
public lands to be opened for oil and gas extraction — a move
that could bring new drill rigs to California. The state hasn’t
seen new onshore oil and gas leases offered up on federal land in
four years…


Ports Go Electric in Drive to Decarbonize and Cut Pollution. Led
by the Port of San Diego, California’s dockyards are moving away
from diesel machinery and plugging in. Jesse Nelson, operations
manager for Terminalift, a cargo loading company, is taking his
new toy for a spin. The electric semi-truck is about 22,000
pounds unloaded, but it slides silently between the towering
loading cranes…


U.S. judge to name Feinberg as Fiat Chrysler diesel settlement
master. A U.S. judge overseeing lawsuits against Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles NV (FCHA.MI) over its alleged excess diesel emissions
said he intends to name well-known compensation expert Ken
Feinberg to try to reach a settlement. Feinberg has overseen
compensation funds for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, General Motors
(GM.N) ignition…


VW bosses told costs of emissions saga a month before disclosure
–report. A Volkswagen manager told the then chief executive and
other managers that the carmaker's diesel emissions cheating
could cost up to $18.5 billion, almost a month before investors
were informed, German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported.


California's new-home energy goal by 2020 is within reach. As
green building practices expand, new homes are becoming more
energy-efficient and healthier for their occupants. In fact,
California lawmakers have set a goal that all new construction
will be zero net energy (ZNE) by 2020. That means that three
years from now, all new homes coming on line should produce as
much energy as they consume.

California can fight climate change and reduce local pollution at
the same time. To the editor: This editorial concludes with the
right message: So far our state’s climate change program has
worked well and should be extended. (“California may be leading
on climate change, but that doesn’t mean it can ignore local
pollution,” editorial, July 1)
The role of offsets in California’s cap-and-trade program is
small but often misunderstood.

Here’s how Jerry Brown can truly build a lasting environmental
legacy. Gov. Jerry Brown’s announcement that he will host the
world’s climate leaders in San Francisco was well-timed. Ensuring
he will remain relevant as his days in office come to an end, the
event will take place in September 2018, at the height of the
campaign to replace him.

Nipomo Mesa has some of the dirtiest air in the nation. So
where’s the outrage? For years, residents of the Nipomo Mesa have
been breathing air polluted with dangerously high levels of tiny
dust particles linked to respiratory diseases like asthma,
bronchitis, even lung cancer. There have been days when the
Mesa’s level of PM (particulate matter) pollution has been the
worst in the nation, according to federal Environmental
Protection Agency’s AirNow website.

Burning carpet at Crows Landing poisons the air; it needs to
stop. The American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report
says four of the most polluted metropolitan regions in the U.S.
are in the San Joaquin Valley. Of those, Modesto-Merced ranked
No.4 for short-term particle pollution and No.6 for
annual-particle pollution…


Environmental justice for all How California’s greenhouse gas
laws can better serve disadvantaged communities. It was a time of
year that should have been perfect. Warming temperatures marked
Southern California’s gentle return to spring. The grass had
shifted from drab to glowing green. The sky, which can be pale
and hard in winter, had softened to a gentler blue.

Probing the Power of Pacific Supertyphoons. Despite higher than
normal surface temperatures and heat contents of ocean waters
where the storms developed, evidence is lacking that global
warming is revving them up. Typhoon Meranti blasted the western
Pacific in 2016, wreaking havoc in the Philippines, Taiwan, and
mainland China, leaving dozens dead or missing and doing billions
of dollars’ worth of damage.

In Wake of Trump's Paris Announcement, Investors and Companies
Show Remarkable Climate Leadership. As world leaders gather in
Hamburg this week for the G20 Summit, there has been
understandable focus on President Trump’s decision to withdraw
the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. This move is intended
to disengage the U.S. government from global consensus and
cooperation when it comes to climate change, and it stands in
stark contrast…

Particulate matter air pollution kills many elderly people in the
U.S., even at levels the EPA considers ‘safe’ A study of over 60
million American seniors recently published in the New England
Journal of Medicine shows that long-term exposure to particulate
matter air pollution raises the risk of premature death of people
over 65 years of age…

Environmental & Tribal Citizen Groups Defend BLM’s Waste
Prevention Rule. Trump administration undermines rules to cut air
pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Today, a coalition of
environmental and tribal citizen groups filed a lawsuit over the
Trump Administration’s decision to indefinitely delay
common-sense standards that reduce the waste of publicly owned
natural gas resources…

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