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vw-zevinvest -- vw-zevinvest Ė Staff analysis of the Electrify America ZEV Investment Plan is now available

Posted: 21 Jul 2017 17:23:57
California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff has prepared an
analysis of Electrify America's first 30-month ZEV Investment
Plan (Plan).   The analysis document evaluates Plan compliance
with the requirements of the 2.0-liter Partial Consent Decree
(Consent Decree), inclusive of CARBís February 10, 2017 Guidance
Document and May 24, 2017, direction to Electrify America to
submit a supplement to the investment plan (Request for
Supplement letter), and June 27, 2017, legislation.  A copy of
the staff analysis can be found at

Pursuant to Senate Bill 92, the Board will act on the Plan at a
public Board hearing on July 27, 2017.  At the hearing, CARB
staff will summarize the Plan and will provide an assessment of
how well it aligns with the prescribed requirements.

Hearing Details

Date:	July 27, 2017
Time: 	9:00 AM

California Environmental Protection Agency
Air Resources Board
Byron Sher Auditorium, 2nd Floor
1001 I Street
Sacramento, California 95814

Participants unable to attend in person may take part via
webcast.  The webcast may be accessed on the day of the hearing
at: https://video.calepa.ca.gov/.  The full meeting agenda may be
found at https://www.arb.ca.gov/board/ma/2017/ma072717.pdf

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