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maritime -- Notice to Vessel Operators Regarding Changes to the Research Exemption Process under the California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation.

Posted: 01 Aug 2017 12:58:07
The California Air Resources Board has issued Marine Notice
2017-1 to vessel operators providing guidance for the use of the
“Temporary Experimental or Research Exemption” (research
exemption) in the California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation
(OGV Fuel Regulation). This Marine Notice discusses some changes
in the process for vessel operators applying for the research
exemption.  These changes include the timelines for existing
exemptions to expire, and for the transition from the current
expedited process for each vessel visit to the more comprehensive
process detailed in the OGV Fuel Regulation.  

Marine Notice 2017-1, as well as other marine notices,
advisories, and alerts for the OGV Fuel Regulation, is available

Other information for marine vessel programs is available at:

If you have any questions on Marine Notice 2017-1 or the OGV Fuel
Regulation, please contact Lynsay Carmichael, Air Resources
Engineer, by phone at (916) 327-5784, or by email at
lynsay.carmichael@arb.ca.gov, or Paul Milkey, Staff Air Pollution
Specialist, by phone at (916) 327-2957, or by email at


CARB adopted the OGV Fuel Regulation in 2008 to protect public
health by controlling emissions of diesel particulate matter
(diesel PM), particulate matter (PM), oxides of nitrogen (NOx),
and oxides of sulfur (SOx) from ocean-going vessels.  The OGV
Fuel Regulation requires the use of cleaner burning low sulfur
marine distillate fuels by vessel main engines, auxiliary
engines, and auxiliary boilers within 24 nautical miles of the
California coastline.  

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