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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for August 3, 2017.

Posted: 03 Aug 2017 15:57:11
CARB Newsclips for August 3, 2017. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to
participate in a public workshop to begin discussing concepts for
minimizing community health impacts from seaports, railyards, and
warehouses/distribution centers.   

Workshops will be held at the locations and dates shown below.
Both workshops will follow the same format and present the same

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) Junipero Serra
320 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, California 90013

SACRAMENTO (also webcast)
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) California
Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, Sierra Hearing
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

For more information on this workshop, please see the meeting
notice at:  https://www.arb.ca.gov/gmp/sfti/FreightFacility.htm 


Northern California Truck Owners and Operators -- You’re invited
to attend a One-Stop Truck event in Santa Rosa on Wednesday,
August 30. At this event, you’ll be able to get help with all of
your CARB compliance questions, get up-to-date info on truck
rules, learn about financial incentives to help purchase new
trucks, visit with vendors, and check out the latest clean

Here's what you will find at this One-Stop event: 
• One-on-one compliance assistance (Asistencia en español
• Enforcement inspection demo
• Truck and bus and off-road regulation overview • New technology
options for compliance • Funding options for on-road trucks • CHP
Inspection update • Industry vendors & local agency booths •
Clean vehicle/technology displays
For more information and to sign up to attend, please visit our
One Stop Truck Event webpage: 
www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/truckstop/azregs/onestop.htm  or call the
Diesel Hotline at 866-634-3735  



California’s Cap-and-Trade Bill Enhances Existing Tax Incentive.
As part of the cap-and-trade deal that was ironed out shortly
before the Legislature went on its summer recess, two bills were
enacted. AB 617 (Cristina Garcia) dealt with air emissions, while
AB 398 (Eduardo Garcia) dealt with the program itself. Contained
in AB 398 was an elimination of an existing fee…

GOP lawmaker defends vote for 'crap sandwich' cap and trade.
California Republicans who voted to extend the state's
cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases last month are taking
heat from constituents. Assemblymember Devon Mathis was one of
eight Republicans who broke ranks to support A.B. 398, the bill
that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) backed to extend the market-based
system through 2030.


Congress takes aim at the Clean Air Act, putting the limits of
California's power to the test. California is confronting the
limits of its power to save federal environmental protections as
Congress and the Trump administration take aim at a landmark law
the state has relied on for decades to clean the air of noxious

EPA backs off delay for smog-causing emissions reduction after
being sued. Scott Pruitt claims change is testament to
responsiveness but makes no mention of legal challenge over
Obama-era rules to lessen ground-level ozone. One day after
getting sued by 15 states, the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) chief, Scott Pruitt, reversed his decision to delay
implementation of Obama-era rules reducing emissions of
smog-causing air pollutants.



California regulators willing to talk about air quality targets.
Trump or no Trump, California regulators remain convinced that
their air quality targets are achievable and necessary -- but
they’re willing to talk about it. Annette Hebert, chief of
emissions compliance for the California Air Resources Board, said
she is open to discussing the state’s standards with industry
representatives and federal officials.

BC wildfire smoke pollution now listed as unhealthy for all in
Portland. A thick haze from wildfires in British Columbia
continued to blanket Portland Thursday morning, all during a
triple-digit heat wave. The Oregon Department of Environmental
Quality has downgraded the air quality rating in and around the
Portland metro area to red, or unhealthy for everyone. 

Cheshire East council admits air pollution data was falsified.
Council apologizes for serious errors in air quality readings
over three years and says it is reviewing planning applications.
A local authority has admitted its air pollution data was
deliberately manipulated for three years to make it look cleaner.

5.3million diesel cars across Europe to slash toxic emissions.
German makers announce another round of updates for EU models to
fix emissions. BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen have agreed to issue
software fix on ANOTHER 5.3million cars in a bid to cut
pollution. The trio of German manufacturers struck a deal with
European authorities over an update on diesels fitted with Euro 5
and Euro 6 engines.


This strange spot in the Atlantic is resisting global warming.
Scientists think they know why. A mysterious “warming hole” in
the North Atlantic Ocean, an anomalous zone of cooling
temperatures which has fascinated and puzzled scientists for the
past few years, may be evidence of more troubling processes at
work. A new study, just out in the journal Nature Climate Change,
has joined a growing body…

The Energy 202: EPA finds no problems with Pruitt's climate
change views. When Environmental Protection Agency head Scott
Pruitt went on CNBC last March and said that he did not believe
carbon dioxide was the "primary contributor" to global warming,
he put himself at odds with the scientific stances of many
institutions — including, officially, the EPA itself.

Activists Aim to Turn Sun Belt. Into Front Line on Climate. In
the sweltering Southern states, workers laboring outdoors are
wrestling with the personal and political consequences of a
worsening environment. Adolfo Guerra, a landscaper in this port
city on the Gulf of Mexico, remembers panicking as his co-worker
vomited and convulsed after hours of mowing lawns in stifling
heat. Other workers rushed to cover him with ice, and the man

How your pet is contributing to global warming. Turns out that
chow you’re feeding Fido and Felix produces a pretty big carbon
pawprint. In a study released Wednesday, a geography professor at
UCLA calculated that the meat-based food Americans’ dogs and cats
eat – and the waste those pets produce – generate the equivalent
of about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.


What’s fighting climate change worth to the Inland Empire? $9.1
billion, a new study finds. More than $9 billion and 41,000 jobs
have been added to the Inland economy as a result of California’s
climate change initiatives, a new study found. And the indirect
effect of that spending supported more than 73,000 jobs and $14.2
billion in economic activity in the Inland Empire from 2010 to

How hot weather – and climate change – affect airline flights.
(THE CONVERSATION) Hot weather has forced dozens of commercial
flights to be canceled at airports in the Southwest this summer.
This flight-disrupting heat is a warning sign. Climate change is
projected to have far-reaching repercussions – including sea
level rise inundating cities and shifting weather patterns
causing long-term declines in agricultural yields.

More Hot Days Are Coming With Climate Change. Our Choices Will
Decide How Many. Summer still has a month to go, but extreme heat
has been a major storyline through June and July. Sweltering
temperatures have grounded planes, sparked wildfires and set
records from coast-to-coast. These stories are becoming annual
rites of passage as the world warms. And the number of hot days
is projected to increase in the coming decades.

Climate policies study shows Inland Empire economic boon.
According to the first comprehensive study of the economic
effects of climate programs in California’s Inland Empire,
Riverside and San Bernardino counties experienced a net benefit
of $9.1 billion in direct economic activity and 41,000 jobs from
2010 through 2016. Researchers at the University of California,
Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education…

The indigenous fight against climate change. Knowledge of
animals, insects, agricultural techniques and weather patterns is
honed from interaction with nature passed down through
generations. Off Baffin Island in Canada, summer sea ice melts to
an unprecedented low and Inuit hunters fear stepping on the ice
pack. On Kiribati, an island republic of low-lying coral atolls
in the Central Pacific…

EPA Science Integrity Panel Says Pruitt’s Climate Denial Is
Permissible. A complaint was filed after Trump’s Environmental
Protection Agency administrator said on CNBC that carbon dioxide
isn’t a main cause of global warming. An internal review by the
Environmental Protection Agency has found that its administrator
did not violate its scientific integrity policy when he
contradicted a fundamental tenet of climate science…

Heat Waves Creeping Toward a Deadly Heat-Humidity Threshold. As
global temperatures rise, river valleys in South Asia will face
the highest risk of heat waves that reach the limits of human
survivability, a new study shows. Heat waves that are dangerous
now will get worse as global temperatures rises. If global
warming continues on its current pace, heat waves in South Asia
will begin to create conditions so hot and humid that humans

Methane-Eating Bacteria Discovered Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice
Sheet Could be Curbing Global Warming. Bacteria that eat methane,
a greenhouse gas, have been discovered in an Antarctic lake that
has been isolated from the atmosphere for thousands of years.
Their presence could significantly reduce the potential risk of
warming posed by reservoirs of gas locked up in the ice,
scientists say.

A plant dies, and some ask if nuclear can help the climate.
Nuclear power plants provide 60 percent of America's carbon-free
electricity. But efforts to increase that figure were dealt a
serious blow this week when two South Carolina utilities elected
to abandon two new reactors at V.C. Summer, an existing nuclear
power plant about 20 miles northwest of Columbia.


Venture Capitalists Flock to Truck Technology Start-ups. Forget
the stodgy, conservative image that once clung to the trucking
industry. Thanks to the digital revolution sweeping across this
industry, truck tech is hot. And venture capitalists have taken
notice. Growing numbers of venture capital firms are pouring
money into start-ups that promise to reinvent some — or all — of
the massive global trucking ecosystem… 

Foes of Obama truck rules hope for sympathy from Trump team.
Critics of the Obama administration's effort to make all big rigs
significantly less polluting are hoping the Trump administration
will ease up on those regulations. Seeing an opening in President
Trump's rollback of other climate regulations, small groups
within the trucking industry are redoubling their pressure on
U.S. EPA for exemptions from greenhouse…


Electric-Car Revolution Shakes Up the Biggest Metals Markets. The
revolution in electric vehicles set to upturn industries from
energy to infrastructure is also creating winners and losers
within the world’s biggest metals markets. While some of the
largest diversified miners like Glencore Plc argue fossil fuels
such as coal and oil still play a crucial role supplying energy

Tesla Burns Less Cash Than Expected as Model 3 Hits Market (2).
Tesla Inc. burned through less cash than expected before rolling
out its most affordable model yet, giving Elon Musk some
financial leeway to pull off his mission of bringing electric
cars to the masses. Negative free cash flow was $1.16 billion in
the second quarter, Tesla said in a letter to shareholders

How One Automaker's Bad Behavior Is Good For Sacramento. The
Sacramento area is on its way to becoming the first city in the
nation with an expansive network of shared electric vehicles and
charging stations. Part of Volkswagen's settlement with the State
of California over its diesel emissions cheating scheme, is to
promote and advance the use of zero emission vehicles throughout
the state.

California reviews gasoline vehicles for pollution: official. The
California environmental agency that probed Volkswagen AG's
diesel vehicles for violating pollution-control rules is now
scrutinizing whether some gasoline-powered vehicles are emitting
excess pollution, according to a senior official. "We are not
just looking at diesels, but we are looking at some gasoline
concerns," Annette Hebert, division chief for emissions
compliance overseeing autos…

Global momentum underway for electric vehicles. Germany and the
U.S. automotive state, Michigan, announce novel strides in the
move to non-fuel powered vehicles. The drive toward electric
vehicles gained international momentum with Germany and the
United States making strides on the sea change in the automotive
industry. Two million electric vehicles were on the road globally
last year…

Tesla Model S, Model X electric cars updated with new features.
Before the Tesla Model 3 officially entered production, the
electric-car maker shuffled features on its Model S to provide a
clear distinction between the two sedans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has
often said those looking for luxury will be happiest in a Model
S, while the Model 3 remains a much more straightforward piece of

Climate group sees ‘inevitable’ shift to electric vehicles in
Sonoma County.  Meeting Sonoma County’s climate protection goals
will require putting 138,000 electric vehicles on the road by
2030 and effectively ending sales of fuel-burning cars, a local
environmental group said in a report due for release this week.

Armored Security Vehicles Go Electric. Cash management provider
Brink’s has signed on with battery-electric truck maker Workhorse
Group to power its armored security vehicles. The company will
purchase two electric vehicles for use in California and Chicago.
Brink’s is looking to the startup to help add greener and more
efficient vehicles to its fleet in the U.S.

Goodbye, Internal Combustion! Electric Vehicles are Rolling In.
Electric vehicles (EVs) don’t make much noise on the road, but
they’re generating a lot of buzz about the future of this
technology and what it means for business and the environment.
Cars, buses, and trucks are the second biggest source of
pollution in the U.S. after electricity production.


GE Claims Vestas Infringes Wind Turbine Power Control Patent.
General Electric Co., which lost its top spot in wind turbine
sales this year, claims new market leader Vestas Wind Systems A/S
is using its technology to protect their turbines from dramatic
fluctuations in power. The dispute comes as the U.S. wind
industry is gearing up for significant growth.

Arsenal Soccer Club Tackles Climate Change With Clean Energy.
Arsenal Football Club said it would power its stadium with
renewable energy produced from wasted food and solar panels in a
bid to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. The North London club
signed a contract with Octopus Energy Ltd. to source energy from
anaerobic digestion plants and solar farms. It is offsetting
carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

Powin Energy to get a Hawaiian solar boost. After landing a
series of big utility deals, Powin Energy is edging into the
market for energy storage paired with non-utility solar projects,
a market that is expected to grow rapidly. The Tualatin-based
battery systems company said Wednesday it will deploy a total of
2.4 megawatt-hours of storage capacity across seven "behind the
meter" solar projects in Hawaii for…

Solar eclipse to disrupt Duke Energy power grid. When the moon
blots out the sun during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, Duke Energy
will face its trial by darkness. The trouble: solar farms. North
Carolina has the nation’s second-highest power capacity in solar
farms, totaling some 3,200 megawatts. That amount of solar energy
will make the effect of a total eclipse comparable to several
nuclear reactors rapidly shutting down at the same time.

Alphabet Turns to Molten Salt to Store Clean Energy. Using giant
vats of molten salt and antifreeze under the codename “Malta,”
Google's parent company Alphabet is joining Tesla and smaller
companies that are developing ways to store wind and solar power
affordably to expand renewables and combat climate change.
Alphabet’s X research lab is developing a cutting-edge molten
salt technology…

The Race For Floating Wind Farms Has Begun. For the last six
years Statoil has been testing game-changing offshore wind
technology. The result: a floating wind turbine has been pulled
from Norway to Scotland where the world’s first floating wind
farm will be installed. The £190m Hywind project will ultimately
see five 6 MW floating turbines in depths of up to 120m in an
area close to 4km close to Peterhead.

Study: Batteries and clean energy will outcompete fossil fuels by
2020. Government spending on research is key to energy storage
cost reductions, study says. Energy storage prices are falling
rapidly, allowing new combinations of solar, wind, and energy
storage to “outcompete” the costs of coal and natural gas plants,
according to a new study. Research and development investment for
energy storage projects have brought the cost…

Is the era of the utility megaproject over? Vogtle. Kemper. V.C.
Summer. A decade ago, this trio of sprawling power projects
signaled the next wave of cleaner baseload energy that would keep
air conditioners and the economy humming in the fast-growing
Southeast. Now, all three have become a symbols of broken
promises and busted budgets — a narrative capped by Monday's
announcement that Scana Corp.


California leads way in clean energy. Russell Harland’s letter of
July 28, referring to the recent cap-and-trade extension, claimed
“California isn’t being a leader. California is being left
behind.” But let’s check the facts. California’s job growth has
outpaced that of the national economy for years. Our state has
far more clean-energy jobs than there are coal jobs in all of

Cap-and-trade deal will save Valley from harsh economy. I was
sent to Sacramento to give rural California a seat at the table
and to effectively do the business of the state. It was in that
spirit I decided to support Assembly Bill 398, which reforms and
extends the cap-and-trade program for a decade, while reducing
taxes, fees and regulations by more than $16 billion dollars.

We'll never tackle climate change if academics keep the focus on
consensus. In a democracy, we hope that science helps to inform
the public about its problems. In the case of climate change,
believe it or not, the evidence suggests this is going relatively
well. Climate science is a vast, sprawling field of knowledge
that has achieved great success in occupying the public

How realistic are plans to ban new gas and diesel cars? Ban the
sale of gasoline and diesel cars by a deadline — 2040, 2030, even
2025. More and more governments are proposing just that. But how
seriously can such deadlines be taken? The issue of how to phase
out polluting traditional engines has been pushed to the
forefront by scandals and crises.

The Executive Branch's Sharp Turn to the Right. A new lawsuit
captures the trench warfare unfolding as opposition groups
protest the administration’s rollback of regulations
government-wide. In the few hours on Monday between the
installation of John Kelly as President Trump’s new chief of
staff and the dismissal of Anthony Scaramucci as his
communications director…


Justice Deferred: A View of California’s Cap & Trade Bill from
the Environmental Justice Perspective. Another contentious cap
and trade battle has concluded in California with the signing of
AB 398 into law. Despite the fanfare, it is important to look
beyond the headlines to see what deal was actually struck. The
communities where CEJA’s members and partners work are on the
frontlines of climate change.

Explainer: California’s new ‘cap-and-trade’ scheme to cut
emissions. Last month, California’s politicians agreed a new
cap-and-trade bill to help curb the state’s emissions. This week,
Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law, representing a major
step forward in the state’s effort to combat climate change. “Cap
and trade” requires large emitters such as power plants…

An Insurance Premium To Reduce Risks Of Global Warming And Unsafe
Infrastructure. Imagine a country increasingly referred to as a
'failed state' taking a responsible action that will both curb
emissions of greenhouse gases and help finance investment to
modernize the world’s largest economy’s embarrassingly
dilapidated and unsafe infrastructure network.

Germany's Diesel Summit Does Little To Solve Emissions Problems,
or Calm Fears. Germany’s Tagesspiegel summed it all up in a
two-word headline: “What now?”
Germany’s carmakers and policymakers met at a big diesel summit
yesterday in Berlin, with the meeting moved to the
better-protected Interior Ministry because the Transport Ministry
was occupied by Greenpeace.

California Goes All In -- 100% Renewable Energy By 2045.
California is one step closer to a 100 percent renewable future,
one that aims to reduce pollution and cut carbon emissions, while
increasing jobs in the renewable energy field. The ambitious plan
set forth by Senate President Kevin de León (D) would set limits
on California's hydrocarbon consumption and aim to gradually
increase renewable energy…

Three Renewable Energy Numbers to Impress Your Friends With: 7,
43, 50. Next time you’re talking with a friend about the exciting
things happening in our electricity sector (aren’t you always?),
here are three easy numbers for remembering how we’re doing: 7,
43, and 50.  That’s: wind energy’s progress, solar energy’s
growth, and the number of states making it happen.

Politics & Global Warming, May 2017. Drawing on a nationally
representative survey (n=1,266; including 1,070 registered
voters), this report describes how American registered
Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters view global
warming, personal and collective action, and climate policies.

Your Employees are More Stressed Out by Global Warming Than Their
Boss. Why are your employees, especially your millennials,
stressed out? Hint: it’s not their job. In fact, Grokker’s latest
research study reveals that your employees are more stressed out
by the melting polar ice caps than their boss. Grokker teamed up
with SurveyMonkey to examine what most stresses Americans.

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