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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for August 10, 2017.

Posted: 10 Aug 2017 16:11:50
CARB Newsclips for August 10, 2017. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will conduct a public
hearing at the time and place noted below to consider approving
for adoption the proposed amendments to California Evaluation
Procedures for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters. 

DATE:                    September 28, 2017

TIME:                    9:00 A.M.

LOCATION:         California Environmental Protection Agency
                  Air Resources Board
                  Byron Sher Auditorium
                  1001 I Street
                  Sacramento, California  95814
Electronic submittal:  


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to
participate in a public workshop to begin discussing concepts for
minimizing community health impacts from seaports, railyards, and
warehouses/distribution centers.   

Workshops will be held at the locations and dates shown below.
Both workshops will follow the same format and present the same

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) Junipero Serra
320 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, California 90013

SACRAMENTO (also webcast)
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) California
Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, Sierra Hearing
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

For more information on this workshop, please see the meeting
notice at:  https://www.arb.ca.gov/gmp/sfti/FreightFacility.htm  


Northern California Truck Owners and Operators -- You’re invited
to attend a One-Stop Truck event in Santa Rosa on Wednesday,
August 30. At this event, you’ll be able to get help with all of
your CARB compliance questions, get up-to-date info on truck
rules, learn about financial incentives to help purchase new
trucks, visit with vendors, and check out the latest clean

Here's what you will find at this One-Stop event: 
• One-on-one compliance assistance (Asistencia en español
• Enforcement inspection demo
• Truck and bus and off-road regulation overview • New technology
options for compliance • Funding options for on-road trucks • CHP
Inspection update • Industry vendors & local agency booths •
Clean vehicle/technology displays
For more information and to sign up to attend, please visit our
One Stop Truck Event webpage:
www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/truckstop/azregs/onestop.htm  or call the
Diesel Hotline at 866-634-3735     



Will Other States Join California's International Climate Pact?
The state has for years been part of the Western Climate
Initiative, Inc.—a nonprofit company it formed with Canadian
provinces to coordinate emissions programs. The same day
President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate
agreement, the governors of New York, California, and Washington


This Hurricane Season May Generate as Many as 19 Atlantic Storms.
The Atlantic hurricane season will probably end with an
above-average 14 to 19 named storms that can rattle energy and
agriculture markets now that it is almost certain a
system-deterring Pacific El Nino won’t arrive. At least 5 to 9
will become hurricanes with 2 to 5 becoming major systems with
winds of 111 miles (179 kilometers) per hour or more, the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…

Climate report validates global warming warnings; Indiana experts
weigh in. The draft report on climate change by scientists from
13 federal agencies released earlier this year issued a warning
about human-caused global warming, but didn't surprise some
experts. David Konisky, associate professor of public and
environmental affairs at Indiana University in Bloomington…

Alaskan towns at risk from rising seas sound alarm as Trump pulls
federal help. Communities in danger of falling into the sea say
assistance from Washington has dried up: ‘It feels like a
complete abdication of responsibility on climate change’. 

EPA head casts doubt on ‘supposed’ threat from climate change.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt on
Wednesday cast doubt on the idea that climate change poses a
threat to the United States. Pruitt told conservative North
Dakota talk radio host Scott Hennen on WHO-AM that that’s one of
the reasons why he is organizing a “red team/blue team”…

Developers are bolting. But will that cut emissions? Oil majors
are fleeing Canada's oil sands, but critics of the industry's
climate footprint shouldn't celebrate yet. ConocoPhillips Co.,
Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Marathon Oil Corp. together sold about
$23 billion worth of oil sands projects this year. Total SA and
Statoil ASA pulled out of similar projects earlier.


Greening the fleet. Chico Unified gets grants to replace school
buses, add electric model. When students wait on a street corner
for their school bus, sometimes they’ll hear the arrival before
spotting the big yellow vehicle. Buses, which traditionally are
powered by diesel fuel, can be loud and obnoxious.

State Exceeds National Average in Adopting New Clean Diesel
Trucks. Introduction of new clean diesel truck engines and
emissions control systems into Pennsylvania’s trucking fleet over
the last five years is now at a 35% level, according to new
research commissioned by the Diesel Technology Forum.
“Pennsylvania, with 35 percent of commercial trucks equipped with
the latest generation clean diesel technology…

Neighbors want electric buses for Division Transit Project. Four
neighborhood associations and the Southeast Uplift neighborhood
coalition are pushing TriMet to purchase electric buses for the
agency's next big project along Southeast Division Street. But
TriMet officials are still hesitant to take the leap, as the
Tribune reported in January for this project or any other large
commitment to an all-electric fleet…


Trump review of Obama-era mileage rules expanded. President
Donald Trump’s administration is expanding its review of
stringent fuel economy rules enacted by former President Barack
Obama that are estimated by some to add at least $2,000 to the
sticker price of a vehicle. The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency and Department of Transportation said Thursday that they
are accepting comments on mileage rules…


Ford Germany says all models, engines comply with emissions
rules. Ford's (F.N) division in Germany said on Thursday that all
its vehicles and engines, including its latest diesel motors,
comply with current emissions guidelines. Ford is not using
illegal devices to cheat on emissions tests, the carmaker's
German division said by email.


The Diesel Scandal Haunts Bosch’s Hopes to Be a Global Giant.
There’s a saying in Stuttgart, where Robert Bosch GmbH was
founded in 1886: “Halt dei Gosch, i schaff beim Bosch.” It’s a
dismissive retort—roughly “Shut up, I’m the one working for
Bosch”—suggestive of the company’s culture of engineering
brilliance, which has made it an icon of German industry. The
world’s largest automotive supplier, with revenue of €73 billion
($86 billion) last year…

7 Countries That May Ban Gas & Diesel Cars.  “We are announcing
an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040,” Nicolas
Hulot, France’s new ecology minister, said last month, adding
that the move was a “veritable revolution.” It looks like England
may follow suit. Jesse Norman, from England’s Department for
Transport has announced, “a manifesto commitment for almost all


Jerry Brown talks a green game. So why isn't California tougher
on these polluters? Do regulators in California have your back
when utilities or industries run amok, or when there’s a threat
to public health in your neighborhood? We’d all like to think so,
but there’s a long history of coziness between regulators,
industry titans and politicians. So you’d have to be a hopeless
optimist, or a very trusting soul.

California shows leadership in climate-change fight: Bloomberg
View editorial. California's decision last month to extend its
cap-and-trade program truly was, as Gov. Jerry Brown, D, said, a
"milestone" in the fight against climate change, and all the more
welcome for coming in the wake of the Trump administration's
misguided decision to withdraw from the Paris accord.

Scientists to Trump: Global warming is real | Guest editorial. A
draft federal report on climate change that went public Monday
contains little in the way of new science, and although its
language is unequivocal, it merely confirms what has been obvious
to so many scientists for so long: Human activity is increasing
global temperatures, leading to potentially catastrophic climate


El Cajon family endures months, possibly years of toxic indoor
air. Alex and Vicki Masters are devoted parents. Their 8-year-old
son Vincent has his own area of the living room for his Lego
bricks, and a baby gate keeps his 8-month-old brother, Gabriel,
away from the small choking hazards. The baby can crawl across a
brightly blanketed room, all under the gaze of his brother and
stay-at-home dad. 

US can boost gas exports, cut global emissions in one fell swoop.
Infamously, Donald Trump has called climate change a hoax, but
the rest of the world knows better. In fact, the main reason
European and Asian nations are interested in importing U.S.
natural gas is to displace coal and cut greenhouse gas emissions
that cause climate change.

What changes minds about climate change? Seventy percent of
Americans now believe global warming is occurring, and more than
half understand that it is mainly caused by human activity, a new
report reveals. This is an improvement over 2013, said Edward
Maibach, a principal investigator on the report, which came out
of the Yale Program on Climate Change...

New observations of Crab Nebula and pulsar reveal polarised
emissions. New observations of polarised X-rays from the Crab
Nebula and Pulsar, published today in Scientific Reports, may
help explain sudden flares in the Crab's X-ray intensity, as well
as provide new data for modeling – and understanding – the
nebula. Since it was first observed little more than a thousand
years ago, the Crab Nebula has been studied by generations of

Cap & Trade 2.0: California Fine Tunes and Extends Cap & Trade
Program to 2030. On July 17, 2017, the California legislature
passed legislation to extend the state’s cap-and-trade program to
2030 (the program was originally set to expire in 2020). Bill AB
398 received broad bi-partisan support and was passed with a
two-thirds majority vote, which is the threshold required to pass
tax laws in California.

Chanje's electric delivery truck flattens noise and pollution.
Urban dwellers may be used to noisy delivery trucks spewing soot
from tailpipes, but Chanje offers an antidote: its V8070 electric
delivery van. At 26 and a half feet long, Chanje's big white van
takes up most of a yellow-painted loading zone in downtown San

Contra Costa County in California Gets More Renewable Energy.
Community choice aggregation (CCA) programs are taking off in a
big way in California. The first was Marin Clean Energy, now
known as MCE, which opened its doors in 2010. MCE recently
announced that 11 of its member communities had “opted up” for
its Deep Green program, which provides 100% renewable energy.

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