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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for August 18, 2017

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 16:30:15
CARB Newsclips for August 18, 2017. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will conduct a public
hearing at the time and place noted below to consider approving
for adoption the proposed amendments to California Evaluation
Procedures for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters. 

DATE:                    September 28, 2017

TIME:                    9:00 A.M.

LOCATION:         California Environmental Protection Agency
                	       Air Resources Board
                	       Byron Sher Auditorium
                	       1001 I Street
                	       Sacramento, California  95814
Electronic submittal:  


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to
participate in a public workshop to begin discussing concepts for
minimizing community health impacts from seaports, railyards, and
warehouses/distribution centers.   

Workshops will be held at the locations and dates shown below.
Both workshops will follow the same format and present the same

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) Junipero Serra
320 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, California 90013

SACRAMENTO (also webcast)
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, (1:00 – 3:00 pm) California
Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, Sierra Hearing
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

For more information on this workshop, please see the meeting
notice at:  https://www.arb.ca.gov/gmp/sfti/FreightFacility.htm  


Northern California Truck Owners and Operators -- You’re invited
to attend a One-Stop Truck event in Santa Rosa on Wednesday,
August 30. At this event, you’ll be able to get help with all of
your CARB compliance questions, get up-to-date info on truck
rules, learn about financial incentives to help purchase new
trucks, visit with vendors, and check out the latest clean

Here's what you will find at this One-Stop event: 
• One-on-one compliance assistance (Asistencia en español
• Enforcement inspection demo
• Truck and bus and off-road regulation overview • New technology
options for compliance • Funding options for on-road trucks • CHP
Inspection update • Industry vendors & local agency booths •
Clean vehicle/technology displays
For more information and to sign up to attend, please visit our
One Stop Truck Event webpage:
www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/truckstop/azregs/onestop.htm  or call the
Diesel Hotline at 866-634-3735    



PA approves air pollution plan for $59M Perdue soybean plant in
Conoy Township. The state is allowing Perdue Agribusiness to
“offset” 174 tons of annual air pollution at its $59 million
soybean-processing plant in Lancaster County by paying for
emissions reductions at four industries elsewhere in Pennsylvania
and New York. The emissions from the plant nearing completion…

Scottish scientists provide first definite link between air
pollution and increased risk of infection. SCIENTISTS at a
Scottish university have for the first time shown a definite link
between car-choked streets and illness, concluding that air
pollution can make people more vulnerable to infection. And the
man leading the team at Edinburgh Napier University has said that
strong action plans should be put in place urgently to combat the



Kuwait's inferno: how will the world's hottest city survive
climate change? Malls and office complexes continue to spring up
in Kuwait City, built by migrants often working illegally in
soaring temperatures. But as oil and water reserves dwindle, the
energy-guzzling citystate heads for an existential crisis. It is
9am and the temperature in Kuwait City is 45C and rising, but
already people working outside.

Global warming 'is causing the Alps to CRUMBLE': Huge rock fall
in Austria is latest sign of climate change's effects on the
mountain range - with SKI RESORTS at risk. Global warming is
causing the Alps to literally fall apart, as the rise in
temperature is melting snow caps on the mountains, experts warn.
The Alps' permafrost - soil, sediment, or rock that stays frozen
for at least two years - is thawing rapidly, causing rock
avalanches and floods.

Global warming, habitat conversion curb biodiversity, encouraging
uniformity. "Both of these global pressures are favoring the same
species and threatening the same species," said researcher Daniel
Karp. Nature is becoming homogenized, researchers at the
University of California, Davis, claim in a new study. The
research, published this week in the journal Global Change

Economists, legal experts challenge Trump on carbon pricing. A
group of economists and lawyers is arguing that the current
calculation of the societal cost of greenhouse gas emissions is
the best estimate available, despite President Trump's decision
to withdraw the metric and disband the interagency working group
that developed it. The social cost of carbon, which currently
sets the price of CO2 at $50 per ton emitted…

Leading Scientists, Lawyers Challenge Trump On Social Cost Of
Carbon. Despite the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw
the official estimate of the Social Cost of Carbon and disband
the interagency working group that developed it, a group of
prominent economists and lawyers have highlighted the metric’s
continued validity for policymaking. In a letter published today
in the journal Science (archived PDF here)…

Leaks you'll never see in food stores are warming the Earth. When
newly graduated environmental lawyer Keilly Witman joined U.S.
EPA in 2007, she was handed one of its toughest jobs. She had to
convince supermarkets that their leaky air conditioning and
refrigeration systems needed to be fixed or they would
substantially warm the Earth's atmosphere.

It's the deadline for a big climate report. Agencies are mum.
Today is the deadline for 13 federal agencies to respond to a
sweeping climate science report that draws on extensive research
to show that humans are warming the world at an unprecedented
pace. Some Trump administration Cabinet members, and the
president himself, have contradicted the type of basic climate
science contained throughout the 669-page report.



New gas plants cheaper than distributed power — Calif. study. A
hotly awaited study on alternatives to building a new gas-fired
power plant in Southern California has found that distributed
resources could fill the need but would be more expensive than
conventional resources. The state's grid operator released a
study late Wednesday that found NRG Energy Inc.'s proposed Puente
Power Project on the California coast would be far cheaper than
varying combinations of distributed resources..


Swiss road agency bans new Porsche Cayenne registrations.
Switzerland's road agency on Friday imposed a preliminary ban on
new registrations of Porsche Cayenne cars equipped with
manipulated diesel engine management software. The preliminary
ban, imposed on Cayenne cars with three-litre diesel motors of
emissions standard euro 6, does not affect cars already
registered in Switzerland, the agency said.

Hyundai plans long-range premium electric car in strategic shift.
Hyundai Motor Co (005380.KS) said on Thursday it was placing
electric vehicles at the center of its product strategy - one
that includes plans for a premium long-distance electric car as
it seeks to catch up to Tesla (TSLA.O) and other rivals. Like
Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), Hyundai had initially championed fuel
cell technology as the future of eco-friendly vehicles but has
found itself shifting electric as Tesla shot…



Tesla electric-car plant expansion could double size of Fremont
factory. Electric-car maker Tesla is at a pivotal time in the
13-year-old company's history as production of its mass-market
Model 3 ramps up and ambitious plans to roll out additional
vehicles loom. Coinciding with the production start of the Tesla
Model 3 are plans for a major expansion the Silicon Valley
automaker's assembly plant in Fremont, California.

Chevy Bolt EV reviewed by BMW i3 driver: electric cars compared.
Owners of specific electric cars sometimes tend to become
boosters and fans for their particular EV as well as plugging in
to drive in general. So it was with Tom Moloughney, whose
purchase of the very first 2014 BMW i3 REx range-extended
electric car in the U.S. he wrote about for us three years ago.


What should you say to a climate change skeptic? We’ve all been
there: The perfectly innocuous conversation you’ve been having at
a friend’s party or your kid’s soccer game devolves into an
argument about climate change. Suddenly, you realize you’re
talking to a climate change skeptic. You want to help your
acquaintances see the light. But how? We asked climate scientists
and communicators how…

Editorial: New climate change report likely to be ignored to
death. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
officially confirmed last week that 2016 was the Earth’s hottest
year on record, surpassing 2015, which surpassed 2014. The NOAA
had reported this unofficially back in January. What made last
week’s announcement noteworthy is that the NOAA is now part…

Climate change will likely wreck their livelihoods – but they
still don't buy the science. The small Louisiana town of Cameron
could be the first in the US to be fully submerged by rising sea
levels – and yet locals, 90% of whom voted for Trump, still
aren’t convinced about climate change. In 50 years, the region
near where I grew up, Cameron Parish in south-west Louisiana,
will likely be no more.

GUEST COLUMN: Clean air, water and land are for the health of all
Hoosiers. Indiana residents are at risk of worsening air
pollution levels, water contamination and deteriorating quality
of life due to an extreme budget and devastating staff cuts to
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The proposed cuts will
significantly impact the ability of the EPA to protect human
health and the environment…

Pick for chief scientist post just another Trump quack. 
President Donald Trump’s pick to be chief scientist for the
Department of Agriculture should not be confirmed by the Senate.
Sam Clovis has pushed unfounded theories about then-President
Barack Before gaining national attention as a vocal supporter of
Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, Clovis was a
conservative radio host and political activist in Iowa.


A burning smell? This device can detect air pollution in real
time. With the haze season now underway in Southeast Asia,
there’s now a technology that can detect air pollution quickly
and accurately. Southeast Asians are no strangers to the effects
of air pollution. Many across the region painfully recall the
haze that has periodically, over decades, blanketed the lands of
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei with smog.

The world's biggest logistics company races towards net-zero
emissions. DHL is the largest logistics and express delivery
company in the world. It’s not surprising that its carbon
emissions are massive. But those emissions have declined
substantively in the last nine years, and those reductions will
be tiny compared to what DHL will achieve if its aggressive
projections are realized.

Women may bear the brunt of climate change's impacts. In the
weeks following Hurricane Sandy, I traveled from the Upper East
Side of Manhattan to Staten Island to help community members
rebuild their devastated neighborhoods. Perhaps the most poignant
experience I had was helping to clean out the flooded basement of
a single woman in Staten Island, named Rebecca.

Curbing climate change: Why it’s so hard to act in time. This
summer I worked on the Greenland ice sheet, part of a scientific
experiment to study surface melting and its contribution to
Greenland’s accelerating ice losses. By virtue of its size,
elevation and currently frozen state, Greenland has the potential
to cause large and rapid increases to sea level as it melts.

Leaders Looking to Curb Emissions Should Focus on Transportation,
Not Energy Choice. A plan to reduce emissions in San Diego that
does not include solutions that reduce pollution from cars and
other forms of transportation is incomplete. Why? Because
emissions from our transportation choices in San Diego County are
twice as large as the next source, electricity, and account…

Prepping For World Electric Car (Tesla) Distance Record Attempt.
This weekend, members of the Tesla Shuttle crew are going to
attempt to break the world record for miles/kilometers driven on
a single charge in an electric car. The attempt is being led by
Tomasz Gać, founder/CEO of Quriers and co-founder of Tesla
Shuttle. But I’m also one of those people and will be doing a
good chunk of the driving — weather permitting.

Climate Change and Water. On July 28, 2017, carried an article
that caught many Americans off guard. While several of us have
been focused on the soap opera in Washington, Italian government
leaders have been dealing with a much more severe issue: water,
or lack thereof. They announced on July 28 that two-thirds of the
citizens in Rome are set to have their water reduced to just
eight hours a day, effective immediately.

Trump Forest organizers want to resist Trump with billions of
trees. Trump Forest wants to plant a big, beautiful forest to
make up for Trump-fueled carbon emissions. Resistance to the
Trump administration’s rollback of U.S. climate policy is
literally taking root across the globe, driven by three
climate-savvy campaigners in New Zealand and hundreds of
thousands of trees.

How the U.S. Navy is Responding to Climate Change. Forest
Reinhardt and Michael Toffel, Harvard Business School professors,
talk about how a giant, global enterprise that operates and owns
assets at sea level is fighting climate change—and adapting to
it. They discuss what the private sector can learn from the U.S.
Navy’s scientific and sober view of the world.

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