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board -- Notice of Public Comment Period Quorum Definition Amendments

Posted: 22 Aug 2017 14:29:34
The Executive Officer of the Air Resources Board is proposing to
amend the quorum definition in California Code of Regulations,
title 17, section 60003. 

Written comments on the proposed regulatory amendments must be
received by October 9, 2017 in order to be considered by the
Executive Officer. A public hearing is not currently scheduled;
however, you may request the Executive Officer to conduct a
public hearing. The process for requesting a public hearing is
explained in the Written Comment Period and Submittal of Comments
section of this notice. If a request for a public hearing is
received by September 25, 2017, the public hearing will be
conducted by the Executive Officer or his delegate pursuant to
the authority set forth in Health and Safety Code sections 39515
and 39516.  The time, date, and place of the hearing will be
provided by separate notice.

Following the close of the comment period, the Executive Officer
may adopt the regulatory language as originally proposed or with
non-substantial or grammatical modifications. The Executive
Officer may also adopt the proposed regulatory language with
other modifications if the text as modified is sufficiently
related to the originally proposed text that the public was
adequately placed on notice and that the regulatory language as
modified could result from the proposed regulatory action; in
such event, the full regulatory text, with the modifications
clearly indicated, will be made available to the public, for
additional written comment, at least 15 days before it is
adopted. The public may request a copy of the modified regulatory
text, if applicable, from ARB's Public Information Office,
Visitor and Environmental Services Center, 1001 I Street, First
Floor, Sacramento, California 95814.

Agency Contact Persons-
Inquiries concerning the substance of the proposed amendments may
be directed to the designated agency contact person, Ms. Claudia
Nagy, Senior Attorney, (916) 445-5507. Further, the agency
representative to whom nonsubstantive inquiries concerning the
proposed administrative action may be directed is Ms. Trini
Balcazar, Regulations Coordinator, (916) 445-9564. 

Internet Access-
This notice, the ISOR and all subsequent regulatory documents,
including the FSOR, when completed, are available on the ARB
website for this rulemaking at

Interested members of the public may provide comments in writing
by postal mail or by electronic submittal. A public hearing is
currently not scheduled. The public comment period for this
regulatory action will begin on August 25, 2017.

To be considered by the Executive Officer, written comments must
be submitted on or after August 25, 2017, and received no later
than 5:00 p.m., October 9, 2017, and must be addressed to the

Postal mail:	Clerk of the Board,
                Air Resources Board 
                1001 I Street,
                Sacramento, California 95814

Electronic submittal:

If a public hearing is not scheduled, any interested person may
request a public hearing pursuant to section 11346.8 of the
Government Code, no later than 15 days before the close of the
written comment period. A public hearing will be scheduled if any
interested person or his or her duly authorized representative
requests such a hearing in writing by September 25, 2017.  The
request for a hearing may be submitted in the same manner as
written comments.

Please note that under the California Public Records Act
(Government Code, section 6250 et seq.), your written comments,
attachments, and associated contact information (e.g., your
address, phone, email, etc.) become part of the public record and
can be released to the public upon request or as part of the
public review process for this regulatory action

Thank you.

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