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newsclips -- CARB Newsclips for August 31 and September 1, 2017

Posted: 01 Sep 2017 13:40:06
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Study: Light Rail Commuters Exposed to Lowest Pollution Levels
The mode of travel you take on your daily work commute can make a
big difference in your exposure to air pollution, a new study

UK citizens are taking air pollution monitoring into their own
A growing number of citizens are monitoring local air quality
because of fears official figures are not capturing “dangerous”
levels of pollution.

Air Pollution Economic Impact Model Lacks Clarity: EPA Advisers
The EPA’s model for evaluating the broad economic costs and
benefits of air pollution regulations isn’t clear enough to help
the general public, members of the agency’s Science Advisory
Board said Aug. 29.

Port of Long Beach (California) Accomplishes Significant Air
Pollution Reductions
Through its Clean Air Action Plan, the Port of Long Beach in
California has managed to greatly reduce local air pollution
levels, according to the most recent annual Emissions Inventory.

Tokyo to Paris: could city waterways ease air pollution?
Once bustling thoroughfares for boats of all kinds, to some
entrepreneurs the rivers in major cities are a source of untapped
potential. They envisage passenger vessels expanding beyond
sightseeing trips and becoming a daily means of travel for

Wildfire threats
Smoke from wildfires is an important source of air pollution,
posing a substantial risk to human health due to high emissions
of fine particulate matter (PM2.5). In many locations, the
frequency and extent of wildfires — and thereby PM2.5 emissions —
is anticipated to increase with human-induced warming …

Air officials warn spikes in summer air pollution related to
Don't be surprised if you smell smoke from distant wildfires this
weekend. And if you do, air officials say you should probably go
indoors. Smoke from the Pier Fire burning in Tulare County, the
Railroad and South Fork fires burning in both Madera and

China’s Environment Ministry Says Some Local Governments Aren’t
Taking Air Pollution Reduction Goals Seriously
The Ministry of Environmental Protection in China released a
statement earlier today revealing that some local governments
haven’t been taking efforts to reduce air pollution seriously

Northstate public health departments issue warnings about unsafe
air quality
The Shasta County Air Quality Management District, the Glenn
County Air Pollution Control District, and the Tehama County Air
Pollution Control District are warning residents in all three
counties of unsafe air quality because of wildfire smoke.

Air quality warning with Ponderosa Fire
The Butte County Air Quality Management District Air Pollution
Control Officer and the Butte County Public Health Officer are
issuing this Air Quality Advisory to notify the public of poor
air quality conditions in Butte County due to smoke from the
Ponderosa Fire

110 degrees in September? Northern California faces smoke and
record heat
Record-breaking heat combined with smoke from numerous wildfires
burning across the region will make the air dangerous to breathe
and push California’s electrical grid to its limits Friday and
Saturday http://www.sacbee.com/news/weather/article170582967.html


What do we know about the relationship between climate change and
Hurricane Harvey?
Hurricane Harvey has dumped more water on the United States than
any other weather event in history, and its costs are expected to
be huge. The unprecedented storm has inevitably posed the
question: What impact has climate change had on producing
Hurricane Harvey? We took a look at what scientists had to say.

Sanders: It's 'pretty dumb' not to ask about climate change after
Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday that the
unprecedented rainfall and resulting flooding from Hurricane
Harvey should spark a discussion about climate change.

Hot Spots in a Freezing Ocean Offer Lessons in Climate Change
Climate change will dramatically alter life in the oceans,
scientists say, but there’s so much still to learn about marine
ecosystems that it’s hard to know exactly how.
On Thursday, researchers with the British Antarctic Survey
offered a glimpse of that future with the results of an unusual
study years in the making.

How forests balance the books in a changing climate
Climate change poses a unique set of threats to the world’s
forests. Forests are vital for ecosystems, water and nutrient
cycles, and carbon management, so dying trees are a worrying
prospect. And increased temperatures and droughts certainly have
the potential to kill trees.

Pope, Orthodox leader make climate change appeal to 'heal wounded
Pope Francis and Orthodox Christian leader Patriarch Bartholomew
called on Friday for a collective response from world leaders to
climate change, saying the planet was deteriorating and
vulnerable people were the first to be affected.

Report: NY school board members support teaching climate change
Seventy percent of school board members statewide support
teaching the subject of climate change in public schools,
according to a new survey.But the state School Boards Association
warned that what children are currently being taught on the
subject might be too dependent on a teacher's own views.

Car scrappage schemes 2017 – Ford, VW, BMW, Hyundai, Vauxhall and
Mercedes diesel trade-in deals explained
CAR manufacturers are taking matters into their own hands and
offering scrappage schemes to encourage diesel motor owners to
swap for a cleaner vehicle.
If you own an older car you can cash in on one of the discounts
offered by several companies – here’s all you need to know.


VW plots return to relevance in U.S. following diesel scandal
Volkswagen is rolling out its plan for reselling most of the cars
involved in the German automaker's diesel emissions cheating
scandal. Volkswagen brand head Herbert Diess told reporters after
a board meeting at Volkswagen's lone U.S. plant in Tennessee …


Phones for VW Lawyer, Emissions Tester Were Lost or Wiped Clean
Volkswagen AG’s top U.S. lawyer and the leader of its
emissions-testing lab in California are among the employees whose
mobile devices were either lost or erased as the company’s diesel
cheating scandal emerged, according to court records made public
on Thursday.

Volkswagen offers UK drivers up to £7,000 to scrap diesel cars
Volkswagen will pay British drivers up to £7,000 to scrap older
diesel cars and switch to newer models as the German carmaker
follows rivals in moving to calm political pressure over air
pollution and boost sales of other vehicles.

German court rejects compensation for VW diesel owners
A German court in Braunschweig, Germany, said on Thursday it had
rejected a case seeking compensation for German owners of diesel
Volkswagen passenger cars.
The case was brought by consumer rights group myRight and U.S.
law firm Hausfeld.

CA should use VW mitigation funds for cleaner diesel trucks to
cut NOx: diesel lobbying group
California is set to receive a lump sum of funds from the
Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust following its diesel
emission scandal. With $423 million at the state's discretion,
groups are lobbying hard to ensure the funds are used to have an
immediate and positive impact on the environment and air quality.

Colorado has a plan for spending $68.7 million from the VW
The state of Colorado has come up with a plan for spending the
$68.7 million it’s set to receive as part of Volkswagen’s
settlement of its emissions cheating scandal.


Purdue study shows biodiesel benefits undervalued for years
A new academic paper published in Biotechnology for Biofuels
shows biodiesel’s benefits are even better than previous models
suggest. Updated modeling from Purdue University suggests the
advantage of using biodiesel has been underestimated by 10


Funding for $3-billion electric car rebate bill is up in the air
The California state Legislature will decide Friday whether to go
forward with a $3-billion plan to increase electric vehicle
rebates far beyond the current rate of $2,500 per car, even as
the source of funding remains in question.

Electric cars may get a charge from Sacramento
“By means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great
nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of
time?” –19th century author Nathanial Hawthorne “Stick with
redheads, my boy, they’re full of electricity!” – 20th century
roustabout W.C. Fields

2018 BMW S1000RR Will Not Have Changes Shows CARB Filings
 A revamped S1000RR was snapped several times undergoing tests,
suggesting huge upgrades. Sorry to burst the bubble, but as per
latest filings with the California Air Resources Board (CARB),
the emission figures of the new BMW S1000RR are the same as the
2017 model. Yes, you guessed it right, no updates with the
Read more at:


Sonoma, Marin clean energy suppliers add solar, biogas
Sonoma Clean Power is adding solar power to its wind and
geothermal stable of energy sources, and MCE (Marin Clean Energy)
will be ushering in a landfill gas-to-energy plant late in
September. SCP broke ground on Thursday on its first solar
facility that will generate 2 megawatts of solar energy
facility-- enough electricity to power 600 homes.


Harvey Wasn’t Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning
Houston has been wet since birth. In the 1840s, the German
explorer Ferdinand von Roemer described the Brazos River prairie
just outside the young town as an “endless swamp” that mired the
wheels of his wagons.

Research: Climate impacts of land use are underestimated
When it comes to tackling climate change, the focus often falls
on reducing the use of fossil fuels and developing sustainable
energy sources. But a new Cornell-led study shows that
deforestation and subsequent use of lands for agriculture or
pasture, especially in tropical regions, contribute more to
climate change than previously thought.


What would it take to persuade you to buy an electric car?
Even with up to $10,000 in federal and state incentives, only 4%
of car buyers in California chose electric or plug-in hybrid
vehicles last year. That’s a huge problem in a state with rising
greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles, and with a goal
to more than quadruple the number of zero-emissions vehicles on
the road by 2025.

Harvey has your eyes this week, but climate change needs your
There is immediate human drama playing out in the Gulf Coast.
Most of us can relate to the tragedies and struggles of people in
that area of the country, and we feel for them. 

Climate change juiced Hurricane Harvey
Even as floodwaters raged this week in Texas and Louisiana, so
did the debate over the possible link between Hurricane Harvey
and man-made climate change.


Climate Change Is About To Make Gentrification Even Worse
The national tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey brings attention to
the often overlooked but very human cost of climate change that
increasingly affects the lives of many Americans -- climate

Understanding San Diego’s Path to 100% Renewable Energy
Two years ago, San Diego took the national spotlight for its
commitment to source 100% renewable energy by 2035. The city is
now poised to make decisions that chart the path towards this
bold goal.

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