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arbcombo -- September 14th workshop on the LCFS Refinery Investment Credit Pilot Program

Posted: 01 Sep 2017 16:06:33
California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff invites you to
participate in the Refinery Investment Credit Pilot Program
(RICPP) workshop to discuss potential amendments to the RICPP
under LCFS to make credit calculations simpler and workable for a
wide-range of refinery investment projects. The RICPP is designed
to encourage GHG reduction projects at refineries. The RICPP
provides credits for GHG reductions at refineries.  

The workshop will be held at the following time and location:

Date: 		Thursday, September 14, 2017
Time: 		9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: 	Coastal Hearing Room, Second Floor
Address: 	Cal/EPA Headquarters Building
1001 "I" Street
Sacramento, California 95814

This workshop will be webcast. You may access the webcast at the
Cal/EPA’s homepage at https://video.calepa.ca.gov/. During the
webcast, we will accept feedback and questions sent via email to

You may participate in this workshop by teleconference by dialing
877-918-6320 (for domestic) or 1-517-308-9077 (for international)
and using the participant code:  7145825. Please note that if you
call internationally, it is a toll call. 

If you would like to make a presentation at this workshop, please
contact Mr. Anil Baral by September 8, 2017 at
anil.baral@arb.ca.gov. We welcome and encourage your
participation in this effort. If you have questions about the
workshop, please contact Mr. Anil Baral, Emerging Section
Technology, at (916) 327-6913.

If you require special accommodation for the scheduled meeting or
need this document in an alternate format (e.g., Braille, large
print) or another language, please contact Ms. Cynthia Biedermann
at (916) 327-1514 as soon as possible. TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech
users may dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

Staff presentation and a staff discussion paper will be posted
before the workshop here:

Background: The LCFS is a regulation to reduce the carbon
intensity of fuels sold in California ten percent by 2020, is one
of the measures adopted by ARB, pursuant to Health and Safety
Code Sections 38500-38599 (AB 32) to reduce California’s
greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to help clean the air,
protect the environment, and drive the development of clean,
low-carbon fuels.

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