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arbcombo -- Expand the Rypos DPF/ULETRU Verification to include Carrier Multi-Temperature TRUs

Posted: 05 Sep 2017 13:35:54
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has modified the RYPOS
DPF/ULETRU Diesel Particulate Filter System verification to
include the Carrier multi-temp Transport Refrigeration Units
(TRU) equipped with model year 2003 and newer off-road diesel
engines rated at up to 50 horsepower.   

The Rypos DPF/ULETRU is a Level 3+ diesel emission control
strategy (DECS), capable of reducing emissions of particulate
matter (PM) by 85 percent or more without increasing nitrogen
dioxide emissions to more than 20 percent of total nitrogen
oxides.  The RYPOS system consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst
(DOC), an active exhaust filter and an automatic filter
regeneration system.  Specific engine models and families that
may qualify are listed in the Engine Family List at CARB's
Verification Procedure Website for the Rypos DPF/ULETRU at: 

Rypos has completed all of the requirements for this verification
update, including extensive field demonstrations, showing
reliable backpressure control.  
To qualify for retrofit with the Rypos DPF/ULETRU, TRU engines
must be maintained in accordance with the engine and original
equipment manufacturersí specifications and meet all of the
pre-installation compatibility assessment criteria established
for the Rypos DPF/ULETRU.  Other terms and conditions for which
the Rypos DPF/ULETRU has been approved may be found in CARBís
Executive Order at CARB's Verification Procedure Webpage for the
Rypos DPF/ULETRU at: 

Additional information about the Rypos DPF/ULETRU may be found at
Ryposí webpage:  http://www.rypos.com/resources-2/brochures/

As indicated above, the Rypos DPF/ULETRU is a Level 3+ DECS,
which meets CARBís TRU Regulationís Ultra-Low-Emission TRU
(ULETRU) in-use performance standard.  All model year (MY) 2009
and older TRUs and TRU gen set engines must meet ULETRU now.  MY
2010 TRU engines must meet ULETRU by the end of 2017.  Engine
repowering is no longer a compliance option for MY 2008 and newer
engines because replacement engines that fit and perform are no
cleaner than the old in-use engines being replaced.  Retrofitting
with a Level 3 VDECS is a compliance option that is less costly
than replacing the entire unit.

Where can I get more information?

For general information about the TRU Regulation, the TRU Website
is at:  http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/tru/tru.htm

CARBís Verification Procedure Website is at:

If you have questions about TRU compliance or registration in
ARBER, please call the TRU Help Line at 1-888-878-2826 or call

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