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arbcombo -- California Hydrogen Infrastructure Tool (CHIT) 2017 Release and June 2017 Analysis Web Map Available

Posted: 21 Sep 2017 11:53:07
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has made available two
resources for members of the public interested in its California
Hydrogen Infrastructure Tool (CHIT). CHIT is a Geographical
Information System-based tool developed in the ArcGIS environment
to assess the spatial distribution of the gap between the
coverage provided by existing and funded hydrogen stations and
the potential first adopter market for fuel cell electric
vehicles. The new available resources are:

1)  CHIT 2017 Release Download Package: The full 2017 Release
version of the CHIT Toolbox for ArcGIS is being made available to
the public, as well as all input data and results from the June
2017 analysis. 
2)  CHIT 2017 Results Web Map: Visitors to the Web Map will be
able to view output results from CARBís implementation of CHIT
2017 Release in support of its June 2017 Annual Evaluation of
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Deployment and Hydrogen Fuel Station
Network Development pursuant to AB 8.

The new resources may be found at

For more information, contact Andrew Martinez at
andrew.martinez@arb.ca.gov or 916.322.8449.

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