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arbcombo -- The California Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Summit is September 25-26, 2017

Posted: 22 Sep 2017 11:25:35
The California Air Resources Board invites you to attend the 2017
California Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Summit, taking place September
25-26, 2017 at the Cal/EPA headquarters building in Sacramento. 

The Summit will feature high-level speakers and a great
opportunity to network. Regular registration for the event closes
Thursday at www.californiahydrogensummit.com/registrationFall.asp

and government employees can register for free with a .gov email

This year’s topics include:

·Overview of State Regulation and Legislation.

·Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap Publication.

·Progress of Stationary Fuel Cell Developments in California.

·California Agency Perspectives.

·Industry Perspective on Hydrogen’s Role in Decarbonization of
the Electrical and Gas Grid.

·Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Transit Sector.

·Formation of the Hydrogen Council.

·What's Happening with Fuel Cell Vehicles?

·Meeting the Needs of Hydrogen Infrastructure.

·What's happening outside of California?

·Environmental Benefits of Hydrogen - Meeting California's
Climate Goals.

·What opportunities do Ports offer to Hydrogen and Fuel Cells?

·Novel Approaches for Hydrogen Applications in Commercial

·Goods Movement and Freight: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Medium and Heavy
Duty Trucks.

Review the detailed agenda:

The Summit will also feature three displays:

·See the Toyota Mirai and Clarity hydrogen fuel cell electric
vehicle up close (and learn how to buy or lease it) on September
25-27, 2017.

·See an AC Transit hydrogen-powered fuel cell bus on September 27
at the Fuel Cell Bus Workshop (separate event).

In addition, a special tour of the Hydrogen Microgrid at Stone
Edge Farm will be held on September 27, including 2 hydrogen
fueling stations. The "Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid” is a mile-long
power line that connects a network of electrical services and
integrates various forms of distributed energy generation (solar,
microturbine, hydrogen fuel cells) and storage (batteries and
hydrogen) with real time monitoring and control.

Registration is possible here:

The Summit is hosted by the California Hydrogen Business Council
(CHBC). You can receive updates under @CAhydrogen and

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