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cc -- Mandatory Reporting of GHG Emissions

Posted: 18 Jan 2008 14:44:53
This is an update on the status of the Mandatory Reporting of
Greenhouse Gas Emissions regulation and ongoing implementation
efforts. On December 6, 2007, pursuant to the California Global
Warming Solutions Act of 2006, the Air Resources Board (ARB)
approved the proposed regulation for mandatory reporting of
greenhouse gas emissions. 

At the same time, ARB staff was directed by the Board to make
some technical modifications to the proposed regulation that was
released on October 19, 2007. Staff anticipates that the revised
version of the mandatory reporting regulation, with the Board
directed changes, will be made available in February, 2008. ARB
staff will invite stakeholders to provide comments on the
proposed modifications during a 15-day public comment period. A
final statement of reasons, with responses to all 45-day and
15-day public comments, will be released later. 

Staff is concurrently working to implement the approved
regulation. This includes current efforts for the development of
an online emissions reporting tool, regulation guidance
documents, and development of a greenhouse gas verifier
accreditation and training program.

Staff is updating the mandatory reporting web pages to include
the current status of the regulation and the 15-day comment
period. A new web page has been developed to provide information
on verification with a list serve, to include information on
verification training when available.

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