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dms -- ARB DMS - Notice for a Compliance Assistance and Certification Workshop To Be Conducted on February 20, 2008.

Posted: 22 Jan 2008 16:56:37
Manufacturers of highway motorcycles, off-highway recreational
vehicles (including motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, utility
vehicles, sport vehicles, sand cars, and electric golf carts),
and small off-road (spark-ignition) engines and equipment are
invited to this workshop to be conducted by staff from the New
Vehicle and Engine Programs Branch.  At the workshop, the
certification requirements and process will be explained, and
certification resources (regulations, certification and test
procedures, application formats, etc.) will be provided. 
Knowledge of the certification requirements and process will
enhance manufacturer compliance with Air Resources Board's
certification programs for these categories, especially for new
manufacturers planning to obtain ARB certification for the first

The ARB Document Management System (ARB DMS) webpage was updated
and includes this workshop announcement.   For more information
about ARB DMS, please refer to


Ivonne Guzman-Cicero

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