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semiconductors -- Semiconductor Industry Survey

Posted: 30 Jan 2008 10:25:39
For those who received ARB’s semiconductor industry survey to
complete, we have received several inquiries about whether
fluorinated heat transfer fluids, for example, H-Galden™ 1040x , HG-01,
or Fluorinert™ FC-3283, are to be included in your response.  The
survey was intended to cover the use of these and other heat
transfer liquids as well, but it may not be apparent from the
wording of questions 11 and 12 that the “other” category in
these questions should be used to identify liquids.  If you use
fluorinated liquids please indicate the name and each process
where the fluid is used in the “other” category provided on the

If you have already submitted your survey and you use these
fluids, but did not include them in your response, please
complete a revised page 2 (Questions 11 and 12) and return it by
February 15, 2008.  If you prefer, you may submit the revision
(page 2) or the entire survey electronically by visiting:

Please excuse any inconvenience that this situation may have
caused.  As before, survey data will be treated confidentially,
in accordance with Title 17, California Code of Regulations,
section 91000 to 91022 and the California Public Records Act
(Government Code section 6250 et seq.).

If you have any further questions on the survey, please contact
Dale Trenschel at (916) 324-0208 or by email at
dtrensch@arb.ca.gov.  Thank you again for your time.

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