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shorepower -- Shore Power Workgroup Meeting

Posted: 31 Jan 2008 16:45:46
The California Air Resources Board staff will hold a Shore Power
workgroup meeting on February 22, 2008, in Sacramento from 10:00
am to 12:30 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss staff's
proposed modified language to the recently approved regulation
for reducing emissions from diesel auxiliary engines on
ocean-going vessels while at-berth at a California port. 

At its public hearing on December 6, 2007, the Board approved
the adoption of the regulation with modifications that were
suggested by staff at the hearing. The modified language will be
available for a written 15-day comment period.  Before this
period begins, staff would like to discuss draft modified
language with affected industry, the ports, and other interested

Interested parties can participate in this meeting via webcast. 
Information regarding this meeting, including the notice and
agenda, can be found at:

Thank you.

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