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arbcombo -- California Climate Champions 2008!

Posted: 06 Feb 2008 10:04:44
In partnership with the British Council, the California Air
Resources Board is sponsoring a competition to identify
California Climate Champions. This program will engage young
people as communicators who will help to influence and educate
their peers, as well as the general public, on the urgency of
climate change.

Entries are due Feb. 11, 2008, via the program website at

A poster with competition information can be found at

Competition Details:
Through an audio, video or written entry, young people aged
16-18 can apply to become California Climate Champions. Their
entries will explain their interest in addressing climate change
and detail how they might make a difference in their schools,
neighborhoods, communities or other organizations to which they
might belong.
Entries should take the form of a news report, which will help
applicants demonstrate their communication abilities and their
passion about addressing climate change.
A panel will evaluate the entries and select 20 that show the
most enthusiasm, commitment, ability to communicate and
creativity as the winning entries. These winning entrants will
be named California Climate Champions.

California Climate Champions will be “in office” from February
2008 until August 2009, and will participate in a range of
activities to help communicate about the issue. This will
include setting up an online peer network, to share ideas and to
engage others in helping to make a difference at local, regional
and state levels.

In addition, three of the champions will be selected to
represent the United States at two international meetings during
2008. These three champions will travel to London at the end of
March for a meeting with champions from other countries where
they will learn more about how to address climate change, and to
plan for their participation in a “youth summit” part of the G8
Environment Ministers’ meeting in Kobe, Japan in mid-May.
These three champions will work with their fellow champions in
California to engage other young people with the activities
undertaken in London and Kobe, primarily through online networks
and communities.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to show
leadership and commitment for one of the most pressing issues of
our time. We hope you will encourage your students to

For more information, please contact Annalisa Schilla of the
California Air Resources Board at aschilla@arb.ca.gov or (916)

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