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board -- 45-day Hearing Notice

Posted: 08 Feb 2008 10:10:51
Please note correction to contact number for Dr Elise Keddie. 
Thank you

The Air Resources Board has posted the following Public Hearing
Notice for the March 27, 2008 Public Hearing:

"Notice of Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of the 2008
Amendments to the California Zero Emission Vehicle Program". 
This notice and the associated "formal" regulatory materials
be accessed from our website at the following address: 

If you have any questions regarding these materials, please
contact Dr. Elise Keddie, Manager, ZEV Implementation Section
(916) 323-8974 or by e-mail at ekeddie@arb.ca.gov or Mr. Mark
Williams, Air Pollution Specialist, at (916) 327-5610 or by
e-mail at mwilliam@arb.ca.gov.

Thank You

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