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ordiesel -- Updated Versions of the Large/Medium and Small Off-Road Fleet Average Calculators Available

Posted: 08 Feb 2008 12:29:53
ARB staff have posted updated versions of the Large/Medium and
Small Off-Road Fleet Average Calculators for the in-use off-road
diesel vehicle regulation.

The revised calculators are available at

The Fleet Average Calculators are Excel files designed to assist
fleet owners calculate a fleet's Fleet Average and Fleet Average
Targets, based on the equipment model year and horsepower input.
The calculators allow fleets to experiment with different
turnover, repower, and retrofit strategies to understand what
the in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation will require. 

These revised versions incorporate the modifications proposed in
both notices of public availability of modified text for the
regulation (i.e., that posted December 11, 2007, and that posted
February 5, 2008).  Among other more minor changes, staff made
the following updates to the calculators:

	Definition of small fleet (total horsepower up to 2,500 hp)
was updated;
	PM retrofit credit for Tier 0 retirement in a fleet that is
decreasing in horsepower;
	PM retrofit credit for vehicle replacement/repower with a Tier
4; and
	The ability for a portion of a large fleet (i.e., a subset of
a large fleet)  to comply with the large fleet average targets,
even if the total horsepower of the subfleet is less than 5,000

For further information on the regulation package posted on
February 5, please go to:

The latest version of the revised regulatory language is
available at
If there are any questions regarding the calculators, please
contact  Elizabeth Yura at eyura@arb.ca.gov, or by phone at
(916) 323-2397.

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