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board -- Notice of Public Meeting

Posted: 08 Feb 2008 14:47:29
We have posted a "Notice of Public Meeting to Consider Revisions
to the Carl Moyer Incentive Program Guidelines"  The notice is
available at the following website.


The proposed revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines will
be presented by ARB staff at the March 27, 2008 Board meeting. 
Copies of the proposed revisions may be obtained from the
Board's Public Information Office, 1001 I Street, Sacramento,
California 95814, (916) 322-2990, at least 45 days prior to the
scheduled meeting.  The draft document will also be available
electronically on the ARBís website at
www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/moyer/moyer.htm.  Further inquiries
regarding this matter should be directed to Mr. Joe Calavita,
Air Pollution Specialist, at (916) 445-4586 or by e-mail at

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