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altdiesel -- Requested Participation on Biodiesel Workgroup

Posted: 29 Mar 2007 12:17:12
Dear Biodiesel Stakeholders:

We are tasked to develop biodiesel specifications and to develop
a biodiesel strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the
2009 timeframe.  To achieve these objectives, test programs to
determine the impact of biodiesel on exhaust emissions and a
study to evaluate strategies to mitigate possible increases in
oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions, need to be completed by the
end of 2008.  Additionally, State funding for these studies
needs to be encumbered by June 2007.  

Our intent at this time is to contract with the University of
California at Riverside to conduct the studies.  Although the
process for funding the contract is underway, the contract will
be structured to allow for external input to design and conduct
the studies. 

We are requesting that interested stakeholders (with technical
expertise) participate on an advisory committee to provide
guidance in developing and conducting the studies.  Other
invited members of the committee would be the United States
Environmental Protection Agency, the National Renewable
Laboratory, the National Biodiesel Board, and interested
California government agencies.  For the biodiesel emissions
study, some of the key areas we are seeking input is in the test
design, engine selection, fuel, and blend levels.  For the NOx
mitigation study, we are seeking input especially in the test
design for fuel additives, fuel specification blending (match
blending), and possible second generation biofuels that may be
produced in refinery processes.  We envision that the advisory
committee will have a role in influencing the direction and
conduct of the studies.

In addition to participating on the advisory committee, we are
seeking in-kind contributions from all stakeholders in providing
engines, vehicles, fuels, and fuel analysis for the studies.  We
hope you will choose to participate in our research studies.  

If you would like to participate on the advisory committee
please send your interests by email to Ms. Aubrey Sideco at

If you have questions about the advisory committee or the
biodiesel emissions study, please contact Mr. Gary M. Yee,
Manager, Industrial Section by email at gyee@arb.ca.gov or call
at (916) 327-5986.

Gary Yee

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