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lcfs -- LCFS Workshop and GREET Seminar Coming up in March, 2008

Posted: 27 Feb 2008 14:48:07

Workshop Update

Our proposed LCFS workshop scheduled for March 6, 2008 has been
moved to March 25, 2008. This is to enable ARB to provide
materials related to early draft regulatory language and
information on fuel pathways.

The workshop will be in Hearing Room A at the Energy Commission
Building in Sacramento, CA.  This event will be webcast and
call-in number will be provided for teleconferencing.  Detailed
agenda and documents for review and comments will be provided
ahead of this meeting date.

If you need additional information related to this workshop,
please contact:

a) John Courtis, Manager, Alternative Fuels Section at (916)
323-2661 or via email at jcourtis@arb.ca.gov
b) Renee Littaua, Manager, Fuels Section at (916) 322-6019 or
via email at rlittaua@arb.ca.gov

GREET Seminar on March 18, 2008 presented by Michael Wang from
Argonne National Laboratory

We would like to announce a one-day seminar on GREET presented
by Michael Wang.  This event is being sponsored by the
Department of Energy (DOE) and The Institute of Transportation
Studies (ITS) at University of California, Davis.  The seminar
will be held at the UC Davis campus in Davis, CA

Detailed agenda for this event will be published on the LCFS
website in the next 1-2 weeks.  Sign-up process, travel
directions, etc. will also be provided at a later date.  This is
no fee to register for this event.  We are hoping to webcast this
event but it is not yet confirmed.  Please check our LCFS website
(http://www.arb.ca.gov/fuels/lcfs/lcfs.htm) for updates.

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