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arbcombo -- AB 118 AQIP Kickoff Workshop April 2, 2008

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 10:44:02
ARB will be holding a joint kickoff workshop with the California
Energy Commission on the AB 118 Alternative and Renewable Fuel
and Vehicle Technology Program and Air Quality Improvement
Program.  The workshop will be held Wednesday April 2, 2008 at
the CEC Building at 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento, starting at 1
p.m.  The workshop notice is posted on ARB's website at:

The joint agency workshop will focus on the Alternative and
Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (administered by
the Energy Commission) and the Air Quality Improvement Program
(administered by the ARB).  Energy Commission staff will provide
an overview on implementing their program, and the ARB staff will
share its initial thoughts on the Air Quality Improvement Program
as well as initial concepts for the statutorily required
guidelines to ensure both programs complement California's
existing air quality programs.  Both staffs will discuss
timelines for developing guidelines and soliciting applications
for project funding and opportunities for public input.  

The Energy Commission and the ARB have set up electronic list
servers to provide updates on the implementation of the AB 118
incentive programs.  If you want to receive notification by
email when information relating to AB 118 is posted in the web
sites, please sign up for their list servers.  

The Energy Commissionís list server is at:

The ARBís list server is at: 

Please contact Mr. Andrew Panson, Staff Air Pollution Specialist
at ARB, at (916) 323-2881 or apanson@arb.ca.gov  if you have

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