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newsrel -- ARB, British Council Announce California Climate Champions

Posted: 18 Mar 2008 13:57:23
Please consider the following Air Resources Board and British
Council press release announcing the first California Climate
Champions.  You can review the release here:

Thank You
Dimitri Stanich


For Immediate Release				Contacts: 
March 18 , 2008					Leo Kay (ARB)  916-322-2990										Rebecca
Filbey (British Council) 202-588-7874

ARB, British Council announce California Climate Champions
SACRAMENTO:  ARB Chairman Mary Nichols and the British Council
introduced California’s 15 Climate Champions today during a
rooftop ceremony at the Cal EPA Building in Sacramento.
Based on a similar program started in the United Kingdom,
California’s champions will educate peers, fellow students and
communities on the impacts of climate change along with steps
they can take at the individual level to reduce their carbon
emissions.  Typical measures include energy efficiency steps at
home, recycling and encouraging carpooling and public transit.
“These amazing, inspirational teens have rightfully accepted
global warming as the challenge of their generation, and they
want to lead the charge on solutions,” said ARB Chairman Mary
Nichols.  “While ARB will take care of the regulatory approach
to cutting California’s greenhouse gas emissions, we’ll be
counting on the champions to help effect change household to
ARB and British Council staff interviewed more than three dozen
high school students – and reviewed many more applications – in
selecting the 15 teenagers who were announced today.  The judges
selected the winners based on their knowledge of the topic, their
enthusiasm to effect change and their communications skills.
Three of the champions (Rebecca Chan, Sophia Angelis and Marvin
Salazar) will travel to London next week to meet with other
Climate Champions from 12 other countries, and then will fly to
Kobe, Japan in May to attend a summit of the G8 environment
ministers.  All 15 will participate in a “climate camp” in
California this summer and engage in an on-line peer network to
share ideas and encourage others to get involved.
The Climate Champions are: 
•	Adam Raudonis, Westlake High School, Westlake Village
•	Rebecca Chan, La Costa Canyon High School, Carlsbad 
•	Arielle Gillman, Oak Park High School, Oak Park
•	Patrick Ouziel, Miramonte High School, Orinda
•	Devin Finzer, Miramonte High School, Orinda
•	Anna Murveit, Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton
•	Jordan Hollarsmith, Lick-Wilmerding High, San Francisco
•	Charlotte Poplawski, Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes
•	Leah Roh, Marlborough High School, Los Angeles
•	Aliya White, Vistamar School, El Segundo
•	Isaac Plant, Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto
•	Sophia Angelis, Rim of the World High School, Lake Arrowhead 
•	Rachel Tapper Spiegel, Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz
•	Alexander Lee, Golden Sierra High School, Garden Valley
•	Marvin Salazar, Richmond High, Richmond

Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB32 in September 2006, requiring
ARB to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020,
roughly a 25 percent decrease.  ARB staff have accounted for
about a fifth of the necessary emissions reductions thus far,
and will account for the rest later this year with the release
of its “scoping plan.” 
For more information on the Climate Champions program, visit: 

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