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cc -- PLEASE VOTE - California Climate Champions Youth Message for G8 Environment Ministers Meeting in Kobe, Japan

Posted: 09 Apr 2008 07:40:26
Are you interested in helping young people engage others and take
action on climate change?  We hope you are and will take the time
to help decide the message that will be taken by Climate
Champions to Kobe, Japan.

Through a partnership with the British Council, ARB is working
with the Climate Champions program to encourage the involvement
of California’s young people in climate change issues.  The
Climate Champions are young people of high school age, selected
to help spread the word about climate change and to get others
involved.  The California Climate Champions were recently in
London, meeting with Climate Champions from 12 other countries
to develop a message about climate change that they will deliver
at the youth summit portion of the Environment Ministers' meeting
of the G8+5 countries in Kobe, Japan, at the end of May. The
Climate Champions developed three messages, but only one of
these messages can be delivered in Kobe, so they invite you (and
everyone you know!) to vote on your favorite message.

Please click on the link below to cast your vote:
>>And then forward this email to others!<<

Throughout the next year, the Climate Champions will serve as
climate issue liaisons in their communities and engage with
others to make a difference, through local, national, and
international projects. They also will participate in a “climate
camp” in California and engage in an online peer network to share
ideas and encourage others to get involved. 

For more information on the Climate Champions program, visit:

For questions, please contact Annalisa Schilla, Research
Division, California Air Resources Board at (916) 322-8514, or
via email at aschilla@arb.ca.gov

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