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compwood -- Third Party Certification Updates

Posted: 14 May 2008 16:59:41
On May 8, 2008 CARB staff held a webinar to discuss the CARB
composite wood products ATCM third party certification program.
To follow up on the webinar, staff is now releasing a recording
of the May 8th webinar proceedings.  This recording, as well as
the presentations featured at the webinar, are now available at
the following website:
http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/compwood/workshops.htm.  The
recorded webinar is approximately 200 MB wmv file, which may
take a few minutes to download it, depending on your computer

In addition, the Executive Officer has signed the first two
Executive Orders to approve third party certifiers.  We have
officially listed two CARB-approved third party certifiers at
the following website below:
Presently staff is reviewing three other candidate third party
certifier applications.  Please check our website periodically
as CARB-approved certifiers will soon become available.

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