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cc -- Climate Initiative Dialogue Group Conference Call - May 28th

Posted: 21 May 2008 14:05:12
Just a reminder, the next monthly conference call to update the
Dialogue Group on the activities of the Western Climate
Initiative (WCI) is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th from 10:00
am to 11:30 am (PDT).

There will be two presentations made during the call with
opportunity for questions after each. The first will be an
overview of the activities of the WCI since the last conference
call.  The second will be a short update on the International
Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) and results from their meeting
in Brussels which is occurring this week.

This conference call will be open to the public and will be
moderated by a systems operator. We encourage your participation
and look forward to your input.

Dial-in information follows:

Phone numbers:

          International Callers:       1-210-839-8504
          Domestic Calls:              1-800-369-1125

Participant Pass Code: 2038328

For more information:

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