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arbcombo -- Public Workshop on June 25, 2008 to Discuss the Draft Revised Methodology of Estimating PM2.5-Related Premature Deaths

Posted: 06 Jun 2008 16:07:02
At the May 22, 2008 Air Resources Board meeting, staff released a
draft report on the revised methodology for estimating premature
death associated with long-term exposure to fine airborne
particulate matter (Fine PM) in California.  This new
methodology and results will be discussed in detail at a public
workshop on:

June 25, 2008
10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Sierra Hearing Room (2^nd  floor), Cal/EPA Headquarters
1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA

In the draft methodology, staff has incorporated new health
information that relates changes in PM2.5 exposures to premature
death and developed a new relative risk of a 10% increase in
premature death per 10 mg/m3  increase in exposure. Staff also
recommended that a range of 7 mg/m3  to 2.5 mg/m3  be used as
the lowest level of PM2.5 that can be associated with the
increased risk. In the report, staff also updated the ambient
air quality database to years 2004-2006. The draft methodology
has undergone peer review by a panel formed by the University of
California, Berkeley. Details regarding the new methodology can
be found in the staff report titled “Methodology for Estimating
Premature Deaths Associated with Long-Term Exposures to Fine
Airborne Particulate Matter in California, Draft Staff Report,
May 22, 2008”, which can be downloaded from this website:


Paper copies of the staff report are also available and may be
requested by email or regular mail at the addresses listed

The workshop will be Webcast at the following link:


During the workshop, questions may be emailed to:


The workshop can also be attended by conference call using the
following information.

Telephone number: 1-877-677-0147    
Passcode: 6256353#    
Group Leader: Hien Tran

Additional information on activities related to updating the
health impacts analysis methodology, can be found at the
following website:


Written comments on the draft methodology are being accepted
through July 11, 2008 via one of the following methods:

1) email at htran@arb.ca.gov 
2) fax at (916)323-1045

3) regular mail addressed to Dr. Hien Tran, California Air
Resources Board, Research Division, 1001 I Street, P.O. Box
2815, Sacramento CA 95812.

Questions regarding the effort to update this methodology may
directed to Dr. Linda Smith by email at lsmith@arb.ca.gov or by
phone at 916-328-8225. 

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