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asbestos -- Test Method 435 and Corresponding ATCMs Presentation

Posted: 09 Jun 2008 22:07:25
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff have posted the
June 10, 2008, workshop presentation to discuss potential
revisions to ARB Test Method 435 and the corresponding Asbestos
Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCMs). The presentation can be
found at:


A handout version is also available and can be found at:


If you need teleconferencing or attendance assistance, please
call the ARB Monitoring & Laboratory Division at (916)

If you have any further questions about the public workshop,
please contact Rebecca Neumann at (916) 324-1145 or by
email at rneumann@arb.ca.gov, or Jeff Wright at (916) 322-7055
or by email at jwright@arb.ca.gov.

Thank you.

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