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cc -- Public Workshop to Discuss Draft Local Government Operations Protocol

Posted: 24 Jun 2008 08:55:25
Please join us on July 10, 2008 to participate in a public
workshop to discuss a draft Local Government Operations
Protocol.   This protocol is intended to provide a greenhouse
gas (GHG) accounting and reporting standard for local government
operations. During the public workshop, the Air Resources Board
staff, in partnership with the California Climate Action
Registry and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
will present the draft protocol, respond to stakeholder
comments, and provide a timeline for completion.

The Local Government Operations Protocol is the first in a suite
of protocols to assist California cities, counties, and other
local government organizations in quantifying their GHG
emissions. It provides the methodologies to inventory baseline
GHG emissions and track progress over time. Additional protocols
will be developed to estimate community-scale emissions and
quantify GHG reductions.

You can view the public workshop notice at:

A web page for local government protocols is located at:

For further information, please contact Ms. Dana Papke, Staff
Lead for LGO Protocols, at (916) 324-9615, or by
email at dpapke@arb.ca.gov.  I can be contacted at (916)
323-8413, or rbode@arb.ca.gov.


Richard Bode, Chief
Emissions Inventory Branch
Air Resources Board 

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