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truck-idling -- Update on available idle reduction technologies

Posted: 03 Jul 2008 14:34:34
The California Air Resource Board (ARB) has issued a conditional
verification approval letter to Thermo King Corporation for
their Electric Regenerative Diesel Particulate Filter (eDPF).
Subject to the terms and conditions of the conditional
verification, ARB has classified the eDPF as a level 3 diesel
emission control device for use with TriPac diesel fueled
auxiliary power systems (APS).  The eDPF allows the TriPac APS
to achieve the necessary particulate matter control to be used
on commercial motor vehicles equipped with a 2007 or subsequent
model year heavy-duty diesel-fueled primary drive engine.  

For more information about this device, please visit the
following webpage.

You can also view the approval letter for this system at the
following link:

Thank you.

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