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arbcombo -- Global Warming Emissions Cap and Trade Program Forum

Posted: 11 Apr 2007 11:55:41
Last night, I sent out the following list serve broadcast but
some people are unable to get the link to work.  Therefore, I
repeat the broadcast and ask that you to to:


and click on the announcement for April 25th.  I apologize for
this inconvenience.

Bill Fell, Webmaster
(916) 322-3260


And here is the original announcement less the problem link:

South Coast AQMD is hosting a one-day forum and roundtable at
which experts will discuss the AQMD's experience with its own
cap and trade program, the Regional Clean Air Incentives Market
(RECLAIM)which has been operating since 1994.  This forum will
be held on April 25, 2007 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the South Coast
headquarters at 21865 Copley Drive in Diamond Bar, CA.  For
information, please see contact Jill Whynot at (909) 396-3104. 

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