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arbcombo -- Conditional Verification for EGR Technologies LLC/CleanAIR Systems DECS

Posted: 11 Apr 2007 16:05:26

The Air Resources Board has conditionally verified the EGR
Technologies LLC/CleanAIR Systems diesel emission control system
(DECS) as a Level 3 diesel emission control strategy for use with
stationary prime and emergency standby generator sets and pumps
with a maximum rated power of 600 horsepower (hp) and emitting
0.4 grams per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp-hr) particulate
matter (PM) or less.  The system is comprised of an exhaust gas
recirculation unit and a CleanAIR PERMIT™ diesel particulate
filter (DPF).  The DPF is a passive regeneration unit using a
cordierite wall-flow filter with a platinum catalyst.  The
PERMIT™ also includes a backpressure monitoring system.  The
EGR/CleanAIR DECS achieves emission reductions of 85 percent for
PM and 50 percent for NOx.  Additional operational criteria, the
conditional verification letter, and an attachment of applicable
engine families are available on our website at the following

If you have any questions regarding this verification, please
contact Mr. Kirk Rosenkranz at 916.327.7843 or


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