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arbcombo -- Public Meeting for Diesel Fuel Comparison Study

Posted: 28 Jul 2008 15:16:02
You are invited to a public meeting.  The staff of the Air
Resources Board (ARB/Board) will hold a public meeting to
discuss issues related to the upcoming fuel comparison study of
California (CARB) diesel and Federal Ultralow Sulfur Diesel
(ULSD) fuels pursuant to Assembly Bill 679 (AB 679) (Stats.
2006, ch. 11). 

California Assembly Bill AB 679 requires ARB to convene a panel
of interested parties to develop a test protocol and implement a
test program to measure the emissions benefits of CARB diesel. 
For updated information regarding the study, please visit the
Diesel Fuel Comparison Study webpage at:
This webpage contains the meeting notice and a summary of other

If you have any question about this information, please contact
Mr. Dean Bloudoff, Air Resources Engineer, Industrial Section,
ARB at (916) 322-1521or via email to dbloudof@arb.ca.gov.

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