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cc -- August 13th -- Climate Initiative Dialogue Conference Call

Posted: 12 Aug 2008 08:34:25
The Climate Initiative Dialogue Conference Call originally
scheduled for 10:00 am to 11:30 am on August 13th will now be
held from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (PDT) <> on
that same day.  Sorry for any inconvenience with the correction
to the conference call time. 

During the call a presentation will be made to update you on the
activities of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) since the last
meeting of the Dialogue Group, which was in June.

The call-in numbers are the same and are listed below. The
presentation to be given during the call will be posted to the
Climate Portal website
(http://www.climatechange.ca.gov/index.php) on Tuesday, the day
prior to the call.

Phone numbers:
International Callers:          1-630-395-0493
Domestic Calls:                 1-888-566-0007

Participant Pass Code:                8750371

For more information about the WCI: 

This conference call will be open to the public and will be
moderated by a systems operator. We encourage your participation
and look forward to your input.

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