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arbcombo -- Market Advisory Committee - Public Conference Call

Posted: 13 Apr 2007 16:29:22
The Market Advisory Committee will hold a public conference call
on April 17, 2007 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm (PDT). The agenda for
conference call is posted online at:

http://www.climatechange.ca.gov/events/index.html  . 

The call-in information is:

Call in number: 888-790-3052
Passcode: 3986912

During the public comment period, participants will be asked to
dial a number to indicate that they would like to comment. 
Comments will be taken in the order received, and each commenter
will be asked to identify themselves.  The committee and the
commenter will be able to converse until the next commenter's

Thank you,
Andrew Altevogt

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