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tru -- Revised Executive Order for Level 2 VDECS

Posted: 21 Aug 2008 12:38:32
ARB has revised Proventia Emission Control Oys verification
Executive Order for its model FTF flow-through filter, which is
a Level 2 verified diesel emissions control strategy (VDECS)
that can be used to comply with the Transport Refrigeration Unit
(TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM). 

The conditions for which the FTF has been approved have been
modified.  The revised Executive Order can be viewed here: 
or view it at ARBs Verification Procedure  Level 2 website at:

The FTF can be used to comply with the Low-Emission TRU In-Use
Performance Standard (LETRU) on most Thermo King trailer TRUs
using 1985 through 2002 model year engines listed on Attachment

The Proventia FTF consists of a catalyzed knitted wire mesh
flow-through filter with backpressure control system, an exhaust
system insulation package, and a backpressure warning indicator. 
Rypos, Inc. (http://www.rypos.com) is the exclusive U.S.
distributor for the FTF.

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