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arbcombo -- “Statewide Truck and Bus Rule” and the “AB 32 Truck Efficiency Rule” Board Hearing Date Has Changed

Posted: 25 Aug 2008 15:15:15
“Statewide Truck and Bus Rule” and the “AB 32 Truck Efficiency
Rule” board hearing date has changed. 
 ARB Staff has been working hard to finalize its two regulatory
proposals to reduce PM, NOx and GHG emissions from on-road
trucks. These proposals are commonly known as the “Statewide
Truck and Bus Rule” and the “AB 32 Truck Efficiency Rule”. An
important part of this effort is to complete our analysis of the
economic impact on the many different types of fleets that will
be affected by these rules. We have also been meeting with many
stakeholders, and are analyzing alternative regulatory proposals
some have offered. Because of this effort, when coupled with the
freeze on overtime associated with the budget impasse, we have
concluded we will not be ready for the October, 2008, Board
meeting. As a result, we have delayed the Board’s consideration
of these two regulatory items to its December 11 & 12, 2008,
hearing in Sacramento.

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