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arbcombo -- Fuel Additives Advisory Now Available

Posted: 29 Aug 2008 10:28:16
Diesel emissions control strategies (DECS) are used to control
exhaust from diesel fleets.   The ARBís verification procedure
requires that a DECS manufacturer specify the fuel necessary for
proper functioning of the DECS.  Use of any alternative diesel
fuels and/or fuel additives not specifically listed in the DECS
verification Executive Order is illegal and strictly prohibited.
 Please read Advisory Number 379 which details the use of
alternative diesel fuels and fuel additives in engines equipped
with DECS:  

http://www.arb.ca.gov/enf/advs/advs379.pdf .  

For further information please contact Ms. Shawn Daley at (626)
575-6972 or sdaley@arb.ca.gov or Mr. Tajinder Gill at (626)
459-4304 or tgill@arb.ca.gov

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