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newsrel -- Newsclips for 09-09/ 09-10-08

Posted: 10 Sep 2008 13:29:15
Newsclips 09-09/09-10-08. Bay Area big-city mayors to endorse
climate compact at SVLG event. The Bay Area's big-city mayors
are expected to commit to a climate-change compact today. The
scope is wide, but details are thin. Posted.

Herdt: One plan, many benefits. Transportation Studies and a
member of the state Air Resources Board, in opening remarks to
kick off the fifth annual California Climate Change Conference
in Sacramento. Posted.

Air board seat needs filling Governing board was supposed to
grow to 15; it's still stuck at 11. An uphill fight to expand
the board of the Valley air district ended successfully last
October, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation to
add four new members. At least, we thought it ended
successfully. Posted.

EPA to Test for Asbestos in Northeast Minneapolis; Meeting. U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 will begin an indoor air
assessment involving 30 to 50 homes in northeast Minneapolis on
Sept. 24. Posted. http://www.fresnobee.com/556/story/854180.html

Valley air quality mixed bag in '07. Air quality in the San
Fernando Valley was a mixed bag in 2007 when ozone levels rose
in the West Valley, particulate matter increased in eastern
communities, but overall air quality improved, according to a
report released Monday. Posted.

Pilot Freight Services Named as SmartWay Transport Logistics
Partner. Pilot Freight Services, a worldwide provider of
transportation and logistics services, today announced it has
been named a SmartWay(SM) Transport Partner. Posted.

The Air Car Blows Back Into the Picture. In 2000, I wrote about
Motor Development International, a European company that had
developed 2-cylinder cars that could run on tanks of compressed
air. Posted.

White Washed: Could a Coat of Paint Fight Global Warming? Could
that age-old Mediterranean remedy help fight global warming?
Increasingly, a lot of scientists think it could, if big chunks
of the earth’s urban rooftops and paved surfaces were covered
with light colors that reflected—rather than absorbed—the sun’s
rays. Posted.

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