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dms -- ARB DMS New Version Launch on 9-18-2008

Posted: 11 Sep 2008 17:36:40
A new version of the software OpenEDMS used by ARB DMS will be
deployed on Thursday September 18, 2008.   The new software
includes two features that will facilitate submitting
applications to the workflow process: 

•  Manufacturers can create multiple copies of an engine folder
in one-step.  

•  Manufacturers can select multiple documents from the same
folder and add them to a workflow process without having to
browse for each one. 

A detailed explanation of how to use these features will be
available shortly in the “How to Use DMS” page on the ARB’s DMS
website below.  

The system will not be available from Wednesday September 18 @ 4
pm PDT until Thursday September 19 ~ 4 pm PDT.  Please log off on
Wednesday before 4 pm and do not log in until we notify that the
system is ready.  

For more information about ARB DMS please refer to


Ivonne Guzman-Cicero

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