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ordiesel -- Idling Policy Guidelines, Revised Calculators, & Correction of False Rumors

Posted: 23 Sep 2008 13:18:30
ARB has released guidelines for the written idling policy
required by the off-road regulation, slightly revised the fleet
average calculators, and made corrections to false news reports
that the off-road regulation was delayed. 

The off-road diesel regulation requires that all medium and
large off-road fleets (those with over 2500 horsepower) prepare
a written idling policy and make it available to operators by
March 1, 2009.  ARB has released information on what fleet
owners should include in their written idling policies, as well
as information about the fines associated with the idling

The guidelines for the written idling policy can be found at

ARB staff have also posted updated versions of the Large/Medium
and Small Off-Road Fleet Average Calculators for the in-use
off-road diesel vehicle regulation.  The revised calculators are
available at
The Fleet Average Calculators are Excel files designed to assist
fleets in planning for compliance.  The calculators have been
revised to correct minor errors and to enhance the Summary
Results page. If there are any questions regarding the
calculators, please contact Elizabeth Yura at eyura@arb.ca.gov,
or by phone at (916) 323-2397.

Lastly, ARB would like to clarify that the off-road diesel
regulation has not been delayed.  Some recent news reports have
incorrectly implied that the off-road regulation was delayed
indefinitely.  In actuality, consideration of the diesel truck
and bus regulation was postponed for two months, but the
implementation schedule for the off-road diesel regulation has
not changed.

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