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arbcombo -- Extension of Donaldson DPM Verification

Posted: 01 Oct 2008 15:16:49
Extension of the Donaldson DPM Diesel Particulate Filter Muffler
(DPF) system verification.  

The ARB extended the verification of the Donaldson DPM diesel
particulate filter (DPF) muffler system with Series 6300
catalyst formulation for specific 1993 through 2006 model year
diesel engines used with on-road applications operating on ultra
low sulfur diesel fuel.  All of these engines are four-stroke,
medium and heavy heavy-duty diesel engines, including
turbo-charged, mechanically or electronically injected, and are
not equipped with exhaust gas recirculation.  The system employs
a DPF to achieve at least an 85 percent reduction (Level 3) of
diesel particulate matter.  Specific engine families and
conditions of verification that apply may be found in the
Executive Order, which may be found on the ARB website at: 

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