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board -- Notice of Public Hearing-Regulation to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Heavy-Duty Vehicles, December 11-12, Board Hearing

Posted: 26 Oct 2008 19:21:28
The Air Resources Board has posted the public hearing notice,
staff report, and proposed regulatory language for the
rulemaking to consider adopting a regulation to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Heavy-duty
vehicles are commonly used for freight transport and typically
consist of a heavy-duty tractor (tractor), the power unit, and a
trailer, the towed unit. The proposed regulation affects 53-foot
or longer box-type trailers and the tractors that pull them,
when operating on California highways. 

The public hearing notice, the staff report, and all subsequent
regulatory documents, are available on the ARB website for this
rulemaking at:




To provide your comments before the Board Hearing, please go


Inquiries concerning the substance of the proposed regulation
may be directed to the designated agency contact persons, Daniel
Hawelti, Air Resources Engineer, On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel
Section, at (626) 450-6149, or by email at dhawelti@arb.ca.gov,
or Alex Santos, Staff Air Pollution Specialist, On-Road
Heavy-Duty Diesel Section, at (626) 575-6682, or by email at

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