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aircleaners -- ARB Air Cleaner Regulation Fact Sheet is Now Available

Posted: 03 Nov 2008 14:13:50
A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) fact sheet has been developed
to explain ARBís new air cleaner regulation and the
certification process for devices covered by the regulation.  It
is available at 

The air cleaner certification application, along with
instructions for completing it and information on approved
testing laboratories, is also available via this website.
Manufacturers are encouraged to download the application and
begin the testing and certification process now to assure that
all models sold in California meet the regulation requirements
by October 18, 2010, the full compliance date.  

The Final Regulation Order as approved by OAL can be found at

For general information about the regulation and submittal of
documentation of notification of distributors, retailers, and
sellers, please contact Jim Behrmann at 916-322-8278, or

For further information regarding the certification application
and required tests, please contact Ryan Johnson at 916-322-2190,
or rjohnson@arb.ca.gov.
If you do not wish to be on this listserv and have difficulty
unsubscribing as instructed below, please contact Susan Lum at
aircleaners@listserv.arb.ca.gov or by phone at 916 445 0753. 

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