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arbcombo -- Proposal for Feebates Research Contract Available

Posted: 21 Nov 2008 11:27:34
A copy of the original proposal for the Feebates Research
Contract is now available. 

As requested by stakeholders at the November 5, 2008 public
consultation meeting to discuss ARBís proposed research contract
titled "Potential Design, Implementation, and Benefits of a
Feebate Program for New Passenger Vehicles in California," the
original technical proposal is available to interested parties by
emailing Fereidun Feizollahi at ffeizoll@arb.ca.gov.  Please note
that researchers are currently revising this proposal in response
to comments received at this public consultation meeting and from
the Research Screening Committee.  The revised proposal will be
automatically distributed to all parties receiving the original

For more information about this proposed research contract,
please follow this link:  

Questions or comments about this contract should be directed to
Fereidun Feizollahi, ARB Research Division, at (916) 323-1509 or

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