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arbcombo -- GHG Emissions Reporting: Instructional Guidance Documents Now Available for California Program

Posted: 02 Dec 2008 15:07:50
Instructional guidance documents, to assist with California’s
mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting program, are now
available.   The documents are available here:

Also, as a reminder, we are holding GHG reporting technical
discussions this week (December 3-5, 2008) which can be attended
either in person, or via Webinar and teleconference.  The
complete schedule and participation information for the meetings
are available here:

Reporting guidance sessions are available for: Refineries and
Hydrogen Plants (Wednesday, 12/3); Oil and Gas Production
(Wednesday, 12/3); Electricity Generating Facilities, Retail
Providers and Marketers (Thursday, 12/4); Cogeneration Facilities
(Thursday 12/4); and, Cement Plants and General Stationary
Combustion Facilities (Friday, 12/5).

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